Problem description: I was scalded by boiling water on my thigh yesterday evening. I immediately washed it with tap water for more than ten minutes, but it was still very hot. I bought a burn pain relief ointment to apply it, and I used it this morning. I fixed it with gauze and there were more blisters at night. What should I do? It still hurts to the touch
Date of problem: 2021-05-24
Patient Information: Age: 28 years old, Gender: Female
Problem analysis:Hello, blisters after a scald are a very common phenomenon, and it is related to the local lymphedema caused by the scald.
Guide and suggestion: Now you can use iodophor disinfection, apply scald ointment, apply local cold compress, or take anti-inflammatory drugs to promote the disappearance of blisters. If the blisters continue to increase and increase, you can also use a sterile syringe to extract the liquid from the blisters after disinfection to promote the early disappearance of the blisters.
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