Obviously, I want to do things positively. Leaders don’t recognize them. Colleagues don’t cooperate. There is a sense of ambition and nowhere to show. Why?

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Many people have some positive ideas in their workplaces, plans to promote some changes, and hope to do some optimization, adjustment, and change according to their own wishes. Usually, this motivation is good, and the program may also have some value.

But unfortunately, in most cases, it is difficult to do so. Of course, there are many reasons, but we know that in the workplace, if you want to promote one thing, you often need more people’s support, cooperation, and application and distribution of related resources. But often the ideal is very full, and the reality is very skinny.

There is a complaint, the boss does not support, the colleague does not cooperate, the men do not force, and so on.

This type of problem, whether it is a newcomer to the workplace, a career senior who has experienced a job change or a transfer, or an airborne manager or even an executive, is often encountered. Over time, some people will lack passion and lack initiative. When they return to the past, they will become old-fashioned white rabbits. “You see, I don’t want to do things well, I have pushed, I can’t push, the environment. So, don’t blame me.”

Don’t say other people, I used this virtue in the workplace, and looking back is really very shameful.

When you try to push something, basically, you need support and cooperation from all sides, which may include your men, colleagues in your department, colleagues in other departments, and your boss or even yours. Boss, then when you are weak, what is the biggest possibility? A core key point is trust.

Do your boss trust you? Does your colleague trust you? Do you trust your people? In most cases, they may simply be based on a company’s arrangement to make it difficult for you to cooperate with you, not based on trust in you, not on your expectations.

Don’t expect others to trust you unconditionally, even if you have a glamorous background and a halo.

So, share some methods today, if you are interested, you can give it a try.

1. Start with simple things and quickly show the effect.

We may think of a lot of optimization schemes, or we can see that there is a lot of data worth exploring. According to your plan and goals, you may need a lot of resources to cooperate, but unfortunately, now require so many resources to cooperate with you, many people The letter will be suspicious and the leader will consider it again and again.

The first thing that has the lowest implementation cost and the most obvious effect, you say this is notIs it tricky?

Low implementation cost = less demand for resources, so it is easier to get permission from leaders and teams. Anyway, resources are less appealing. Leaders may feel that it is fine for you to try. Others may feel that they are doing a favor and not delaying. thing.

The effect is good, quickly establish a credit foundation, prove your plan, the goal is reliable, not a hole in the wind. This latter thing is gradually advanced.

A lot of times, we will be eager to seek success, trying to mobilize all resources to achieve the ultimate goal, but you have to know that the teamwork, the basis of mutual trust needs to be cultivated, and needs to be tempered. Don’t underestimate this process.

Being easy and difficult, first do things that are easy to produce. Not only can you build trust, but you can also build confidence in the project. If you have results and have an effect, then you will continue to push forward and everyone will have more confidence. .

2, learn to listen, and communicate in depth.

A lot of times, we will think that our ideas are absolutely correct, we will emphasize our own views, our own judgments, and ignore others.

When you need a team to do something, you need to listen more, different roles, what are your goals for the job, what are the expectations for the project, what are your expectations, and what are they? What you think is important and what you ignore, what they think is risky and you don’t realize it.

In-depth communication, listen to other people’s ideas, opinions, even if it is vomiting, you will gradually build empathy, understand why others will cooperate with you, or do not cooperate with you, why others will support you, or do not support you.

If you squint at your own point of view and goals while ignoring the feedback and feelings of others, then many unexpected difficulties will be waiting for you.

Even if you are in a management position, you have sufficient authorization and resources, and this step cannot be reduced.

3. Learn to altruism and gain support.

This is based on 2, you only have enough understanding of other people’s goals, others’ expectations, in order to find enough altruistic points in your plan, plan, let you cooperate with, and cooperate with you, beneficial Can be figured.

For example, reduce their work intensity. Increase their income opportunities. Or it can perfectly match their subsequent KPI goals. And, it is helpful for their advancement in the workplace.

Therefore, there will be many people who complain that what I am doing is clearly about who is good, and that they are short-sighted, do not see the benefits, and cannot be saved.

This complaint is often made two mistakes.

The first mistake is that the implementation costs are neglected, the implementation cost of the other party is too high, and there is a lack of trust in you and lack of confidence in the prospects, so they are unwilling to cooperate. This is why the first article says that it will see a clear effect with the lowest implementation cost.

The second mistake is the lack of deep communication and the lack of mastery of each other’s reality.Appeals and goals, so they will be self-righteous to look at other people’s problems.

4, do not praise, express your awareness of the contribution and value of others.

When the implementation achieves the staged results, when the project development reaches the stage goal and summarizes, please remember to give explicit support to those who cooperate with you and help your colleagues, regardless of level or department. And praise.

We said that we should not sneak in all kinds of flattery, but we have sincere gratitude for the help and support that others have already had, and it is very important for the development of the workplace.

This is easily overlooked by many young people, and even many people will be despised.

I hope that you can distinguish between these two points.

Fairyness is based on each other’s position, level, resources, and your resource requirements for each other.

Thanks and praises are based on the work, performance, and gratitude of your help.

Let me give you an example, such as Teacher’s Day now.

I am now a child reading, there is a new class teacher, I am going to send a red envelope to ask him to take care of our children, this is a kind, to be honest, I will not do this.

Teacher’s Day, I sent a red envelope to the class teacher who took my child in the past few years. Thanks to his care for my child in the past. This is a kind of thing. I am willing to do this and encourage it.

5, fault tolerance, to understand fault tolerance.

Our daily work, whether it is to release a new system, a new business plan, or to do some daily optimization and upgrade, then I hope readers can understand that we are not pursuing perfection, but progress, It can solve the most serious problems at present, and it can improve compared with the previous versions and activities. This is a good job.

The demand for perfection often makes others stunned. Of course, in some areas, such as scientific research, such as the moon landing plan, indeed, perfection is necessary and cannot tolerate any small mistakes. But even so, you see that our moon landing plan is not one step at a time, but it is completed in many steps. Every time we pursue some progress, we will go to the future step by step to the future.

The workplace, in most occasions, does not require the high degree of perfection in the scientific field. After all, there are cost and resource considerations. Then, our work is constantly improving, constantly advancing, not demanding once. Solve all the problems and don’t demand that everyone can be good enough.

Sometimes, I also feel that my staff has such shortcomings, but think again, if everyone is excellent in all aspects, why come to work for me? I don’t need my resources and platform at all.

Of course, fault tolerance is not unlimited. Don’t raise the bar. It’s not that you have to be fault-tolerant. Some principle problems are also setting your own threshold.

The old article has written talk fault tolerance , will not be repeated.

6, frank and honest, workplace credit has sustainable compound interest.

In the process of communication, there are different opinions, different judgments on things, and opinions on the irrationality of certain arrangements. Of course, we say that we should pay attention to good communication attitudes, but in fact, many things can be honestly placed on the desktop. On the other hand, you don’t have to take a table, you don’t have to lose your temper, you can tell it.

If you feel emotional, you can not write, write an email, but you should write when you are calm, and send it when you are calm.

If the result of the project is not satisfactory, it will not meet expectations, but also be honest, do not whitewash, do not falsify, seriously reinstate, honestly admit your own problems, and still have to thank others for your support and help. .

Project advancement, feedback, it is impossible for you to be right every time, even if you are right, it is impossible to let others listen to you every time. But on the matter, honesty, believe me, stick to this habit, in the workplace, over time, there will be compound interest.

What is compound interest, your career time is very long, ten years, twenty years later, looking back at your old colleagues, their workplace will also change dramatically, who will trust you, who will give you the opportunity, who Will help you when you are in trouble. Or, conversely, who you trust, who will give you the chance, who will you help?

It’s that the little cleverness is so much, every day, I’m pretending to be a colleague, and I’m not sure what my colleagues are thinking about. Or is it that the straightforward speech is particularly frank?

This is compound interest. Everyone you meet in your workplace may become your noble person in the future, even your subordinate, your assistant. Being honest will help you accumulate credit, and credit will save you when you need it most.

Twenty-year-old, old-fashioned autumn This old article, there is a saying that some young people, 20 years old, all kinds of small clever, old-fashioned, all kinds of hidden, like the city Very deep, communicate with the boss to play a variety of words, do not know where to learn, the problem is, after all, young, in the eyes of the old rivers and lakes, this is a little trick to understand? Minutes know that you are lying, hiding, In acting. Think about what impressions you have in the eyes of others.

Frankness is compound, and time will give an answer.

If you are in the workplace, you find that you have a lot of ideas, but it is difficult to promote, it is difficult to convince others, it is difficult to apply for resources, I suggest you check it out to see if there is room for improvement and optimization.

Some of the media from the media, in order to please the reader, will assume that the reader is always correct, will tell you, right, your colleagues are not good, your leadership is not good, what a good company should be.

Unfortunately, I tell you that there is no perfect workplace in this world, you need to find more reasons from yourself.

Simply sum up, to make progress easier, you need to build trust in your colleagues and leaders. The first step is trust, trust in your arrangements, and trust in your judgment. The second step is to expect, I am looking forward to you, I hope you will bring them something they are looking forward to. Can do these two steps, you will find that pushing a thing is actually not that difficult.

Of course, it is not easy to do it. The above six articles are compared one by one.

Also, don’t worry, step by step, some people just want to go to the new company and want to renovate according to what they think is the ideal situation, from colleagues to the boss do not trust you, you are too anxious, first do Some simple, do not need to take up too much resources, make a little to see the results, accumulate trust, accumulate confidence, and then continue to optimize adjustments.

I usually say things, don’t like to show off, I often say that as the 70th, I caught up with the development bonus of the times and caught up with the Internet development dividend. To be honest, I really sincerely thank the development of society for giving us the opportunity and space of this generation.

Now many young people think that right, yes, your time is good, we don’t have more opportunities now.

Every time has its own problems and dilemmas. Each era also has its own opportunities. Some people always see different new opportunities. These people will basically become successful in the era of peaceful development. Some people always find objective reasons. During our growth period, is the objective excuse for complaining about the social environment really less than it is now? I don’t want to explain too much. Is China now in a war or a turmoil? Is the political situation unstable or the people not living? Why are there no space for your development? How did it become an era of burying talent? Want to reverseAttack, find more reasons from yourself. Of course, if you want to find an excuse, there will always be an excuse.