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The biggest news in the US animation industry these days is that Warner has invested $strong $500 million to buy an animation for HBO Max.Exclusive broadcast rights for several years.

The $500 million purchase of the solo content, including the 23 seasons that the animation has been aired and the 3 seasons that will go live. In the last three seasons, Viacom’s Comedy Central channel has been green, and HBO Max can be launched online in 24 hours after each episode.

I believe that everyone is no stranger to this film. It is called the most popular cartoon in the prime time of the United States. It only attracted 44 million viewers on the cable network last year. Go to the soft (Emmy Animation Awards Announcement).

HBO Max is Warner’s streaming media platform for Netflix and Disney+ and is expected to go live next spring. Also on the spring of next year will be NBC’s streaming platform Peacock, and before them, Disney’s Disney+ and Apple’s Apple TV+ will go live in November this year.

As time approaches the end of the year, the US military arms race is becoming more intense.

This time in addition to Warner, there are Netflix, Disney, Amazon and NBC, which are highly competitive. In 2015, Hulu only spent 192 million US dollars when he bought the animation for 3 years.

In the past, this kind of high-priced trading only existed in popular TV series such as “Friends” and “Big Bang”. Now, animation is the next battlefield for streaming media, and the price of content is also rising.

In addition to this animation, Warner is also stepping up the layout of other animations.

Joint Ghibli, Warner launches 37 animations

Recently, HBO Max announced a new batch of animations.. Including new Le Yitong, Jellystone, Tooned Out, The Fungies! and Tig N’Seek.

“Le Yitong” is Warner’s most classic animation IP. Everyone may be a bit strange to this name, but when it comes to the main character of this animation, Bugs Bunny, everyone should be a bit impressed. In terms of history alone, the IP of “Le Yi Tong” is comparable to Disney’s “Mickey Mouse”.

“Le Yitong”

However, in the management of this age-old IP, Warner still has no experience in Disney, and the recent “Le Yitong” animation evaluation is not very high.

The remaining few new animations are also made by Warner himself, some from Warner Animation, and some from Warner’s cartoon platform (Cartoon Network) , basically children’s animation.


Warner’s reserve for children’s animation is not as much as Disney and Netflix. In the past, Warner Animation has been focusing on animated films, producing not many cartoons, and most of them are animations adapted from DC comics. The Cartoon Network’s annual output is not large.

So on the reserve of animation, especially When it comes to low-young animation, Warner has a lot of disadvantages.

The Fungies!

After the official announcement of HBO Max, Warner began to purchase animation content in addition to self-made. For example, buy the right to broadcast Sesame Street and buy Rooster Teeth’s sci-fi animation Gen: Lock.

We counted all the animations that will be aired on HBO Max, as shown in the following table:

Overall, most of the animations on HBO Max are still homemade, and not much is bought.

Warner’s most unexpected purchase was from Ghibli’s studio in Miyazaki.

On October 17, Warner announced a partnership with Ghibli, the publisher of Ghibli Animation in North America, to buy streaming rights for 21 animated films from Ghibli Animation. HBO Max also became the first streaming media platform in the United States to buy Ghibli animated films.

The 21 animated films contain Ghibli’s films from 1984’s Valley of the Winds to 2014’s Marnie in Memory. The details are as follows:

“Ghibli’s animations have stunning visuals that give the audience an immersive experience,” said Kevin Reilly, chief content officer at HBO Max. “Excited, fascinating, and deep humanistic. These wonderful animated films capture the hearts of the world’s audience.”

Although Ghibli’s animations are widely acclaimed in the critics, they may not be able to help Warner gain a lot in the streaming animation war. Because Japanese animated films belong to a relatively niche market in the United States, especially Ghibli’s animations, the atmosphere of oriental aesthetics is relatively rich, and most Americans can’t appreciate it.

“Let’s Lonely Aliette”

This can be seen from the box office results of these animations in the United States. Ghibli Animation’s best-selling “Let’s Alice in the United States” has only $19.58 million in box office. Most of the remaining movies range from a few million dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Adult animations will be the fulcrum of HBO Max, but can they shake the streaming market?

Warner’s current animations that really affect the audience’s choice are only two, one is Rick and Moti, and the other is the animation mentioned at the beginning of this article. However, these two are not children’s animations in the traditional sense, but adult animations that contain rich three-way segments.

About Rick and Moti, we used to be in the “punk” animation “Rick”Introduced in the birth of Moti.

Rick and Moti

“Rick and Moti” has been sought after by countless fans since its birth. It has also been popular in the American animation critics, taking the Anne Award and the Emmy Award.

From the viewer’s viewing situation, “Rick and Moti” can stably have 2 million to 3 million viewers in each episode of the first three seasons. In Nielsen’s statistics, the final episode of “Rick and Moti” in the third season was 3.9% among viewers aged 18-24, and the audience rating was 3.2% among viewers aged 18-34. > Set a record for Adult Swim’s ratings.

Rick and Moti

The fourth season of “Rick and Moti” will be aired on Adult Swim on November 10th, and Adult Swim is also a TV station owned by Warner. However, in May next year, “Rick and Moti” will be online HBO Max.

In May of last year, Warner announced that he would renew 70 episodes of “Rick and Moti” in one breath, which is equivalent to the end of the animation in seven years. It is expected that the future “Rick and Moti” broadcast mode will be premiered in Adult Swim, and will be launched on HBO Max after the season.

The work mentioned at the beginning of this article is not Warner’s ownAnimation, Warner Flower’s Half of this $500 million will go directly into the pocket of the animation master. Because in 2007, the agreement between its main developer and the employer Viacom, non-TV broadcast revenue (including streaming media, derivatives and games authorization) Divided by the main creation and Viacom five five.

This sky-high transaction fee can’t help but remind people of Netflix’s $100 million renewal of a year’s “Friends.” However, “Friends” has always been the most played drama on Netflix, and Netflix has cost a billion dollars.

Why does Warner buy an animation value for $500 million?

It is a legend. Since the launch of the comedy center (Viacom’s TV station) in 1997, the animation has been broadcast for 22 years, with a total of 301 episodes each year. Maintaining a steady rating, now in the animation that the US is still broadcasting, only it and the Simpsons came from the last century.

It has been reported that in the past six years, it has been the most popular adult animation for cable TV stations in prime time, with a total audience of 44 million last year.

As with all evergreen adult animations, it has also become a cultural phenomenon level in the United States. You can always see the protagonist taunting the president of the United States or satirizing some social phenomena.

The great influence has also brought many honors to this animation. It has won 19 Emmy nominations, won 5 Emmy Awards and 1 Peabody Award – Radio and Television Media The Lice News Award is very serious.

Adult animation has a stable market in the US, and production is relatively low due to relatively high production difficulty (Either the quality of the paragraph is high, or the plot is good, or the picture quality is good), each adult animation that can be stably broadcast has a considerable number of loyal viewers.

Disney used to be almost a blank in the field of adult animation, and they only owned the Simpsons after the acquisition of Fox. Now that Disney is making a splash for Disney+, most of the ads are painted with the characters in The Simpsons, which is enough to prove the importance of adult animation in the US market.

For Warner, the ability to have both Rick and Moti and $500 million in the purchase of these two national adult animations made HBO Max a very good start.

HBO Max’s monthly fee rumors are between $16 and $17, which is a pricing for the home market, but whether HBO Max really meets the needs of a family of three is a question mark. At least the thinness of children’s content may allow some families to choose other platforms.

After all, Now American viewers really don’t need animations.

Not long ago, we were attacking Oscar and launched 95 original animations. Can Netflix incite Disney? Review the animation reserves accumulated by Netflix in recent years. We can find that children’s animation is the focus of Netflix’s layout. In adult animation, they also have topics such as “Ma Nanbo Jack” and “Love, Death and Robot”.

Ma Yingbo Jack

Nearning on November 12th, Disney+ went online. The official Twitter of Disney+ sent more than 600 tweets in one breath, and put out the works of the upcoming Disney+, including “Snow White” and “Sleeping Beauty”. This Disney classic family fun animation.

However, it’s still half a year since the official launch of HBO Max.Warner’s content preparation work is far from over. Regarding the follow-up trend of HBO Max in animation, please continue to pay attention.

This article is from the public number:Sanwen Entertainment (ID:hi3wyu), author: Dkphhh.