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Idol singers in the non-mainstream era are also playing tricks.

I recently saw some people imitating non-mainstream selfies while surfing the web.

Like this one, at first glance, it’s just a selfie from a young lady in 2019.

But wear a bow to issue a card, raise your phone to 45 degrees elevation with one hand, and pose a variety of non-mainstream classic selfie actions with the other hand, with a series of operations such as beak and flash, to take you in a moment Machine back to 2009.

The non-mainstream ten years ago was a very distant past for the information explosion of the Internet. But it is engraved in the memory of a generationSo deep, just a video or a photo is enough to remind many people of the past.

A while ago, “Aqin Liuyang broke up” on the Weibo top search list, knowing that the issue about this breakup incident was also ranked first on the hot list, more than 300,000 people participated in voting to express their views , But compared to the derailment of the incident itself and the topic of scumbags, most people care more about “who are they?”

Enthusiastic netizens come forward. Science Popular Aqin is the originator of Internet celebrity, with millions of followers on Weibo. This kind of explanation makes the people who do n’t know the truth even more confused.-Internet celebrities who need popular science can search on the Internet?

So someone on Weibo started a vivid introduction, saying that A Qin was once a non-mainstream giant in QQ space, and incidentally took out her early photos. After seeing these ancient photos, netizens finally evoked that non-mainstream memory: “I used her photo long ago as a QQ avatar!”

Ten years on the Internet are far away, but the actual decade is like a blink of an eye. In the non-mainstream era, Aqin, who relied on photos and posts in space, now took short videos and became fashion and beauty bloggers.

Shen Ke, who cut his wrists, took drugs, and sang “Flying on someone else’s bed”, also appeared on Weibo 7 years after rumors of suicide. There are families, children, selling beauty, and people are interpreted as finally reconciling with their former self. After reconciliation, Shen Ke was like a commercial rapper who sang positive energy, and became a mainstream Internet celebrity who was no longer non-mainstream.

Shen Ke has been called the originator of China ’s non-mainstream by many people, but around 2008 when she “suicided”, non-mainstream, a culture that originated abroad, has gradually developed into the vast land of China. A killing force with the characteristics of the urban-rural junction.

Yi Fei ’s hairstyle has a Saiyan-like layering. The thickened bangs on the forehead is just to prevent others from finding a touch of sadness. The Patriot MP3 with 1GB of memory is playing the songs of Xu Song and Wang Suzhen in a loop. Slowly raise your head 45 degrees, click with a 300,000-pixel front camera, recorded this unforgettable moment.

Matt is also a very creative group, combining Chinese radicals with various traditional, Japanese and Korean languages ​​to create Martian. Using this encrypted font, they left their own gothic signals in the QQ personality signature, space, and “Dance Company” with sweet to sad text. That was the best time to kill Matt, and the worst time to kill Matt.

The good times are not long, and killing Matt has become the bottom of the network’s contempt chain. There have been waves of “anti-kill Matt”, killing Matt The Daren family, one of the families, closed more than 20 QQ groups in the former “anti-kill”. Non-mainstream entanglement among them, gradually disappeared on the Internet.

An Wenxuan, the founder of the Daren family who was forced to withdraw from the Matt world, recalls:

“We kill Matt belong to the white world, and their anti-kill belongs to the black world. Some hackers in the black world have hacked our website and QQ group, and some have attacked us on the language, saying that we have brain damage.

We are all poor children’s families. We play this family innocently. So many people gather in a group and know each other as friends. How nice. The hackers said that they would disband us and didn’t want us to get together, so they felt very wronged. “

The current An Wenxuan, the picture is from a look at the documentary “Dream and the Road”

An Wenxuan tried to revive his killing Matt family, but when he called the patriarchs who were under his management, the answer was not as he wished.

The killing of Matt has come to an end in the face of exclusion and real life. Although some new online cultures have emerged in the process of disappearing, neither the superficial self-deprecating silk culture nor the relatively minor secondary culture has not. The once non-mainstream kill Matt.

However, just like the former QQ space and “Dance Company” gave birth to non-mainstream culture, the rise of short videos provided the soil for a new online culture.

“The young man’s temperament is fierce like a wolf, and he slaps his chest in a blood.” The young man stepped onto the stage of history.

Why compare the spirit guy with the non-mainstream?

First of all, from the perspective of clothing, the spirit guy has inherited a non-mainstream eye-catching dressing scheme. Doudou shoes, tights, and tights are standard for the spirit guy. In addition, the hairstyle must be carefully dressed like the predecessor. A low-key and connotative hairstyle like the pan head has become the mainstream style of the spirit guy. It is best to leave it in the hat. Create a space of three bedrooms and one living room.

Second is the form of expression. The non-mainstream in the graphic era shows decadence and sorrow in the QQ space and individual signatures. Today’s spiritual guys use short videos to createAwkward and addictive earthy.

At the same time, the local flavor video is like many branches that have been developed in the mainstream. The melancholy and decadent temperament has been interpreted by today’s spiritual guys to become social shakes, and the “莣 ㄋ 嗳” style Martian text has become “now” Huahua world is charming, there is no strength, don’t match your face “.

Finally is the process of its spread. The viral spread of the society represented by the brand Qi Qi has spread rapidly in the 200 million days, making this kind of non-mainstream performance that sways on the street crowded and blocked after breaking into people’s field of vision. “Anti-kill”.

But the new style of non-mainstream has not disappeared. This is not only due to changes in the network environment, but also to its form of self-renewal. With the words “Social Shake” turned into a blank “No Content Found” in the Quick Search bar, the low-profile version of the social shake “Master of the Shadow Stream” began to shine.

The Lord of the Shadow Stream was originally a hero with the shadow avatar skills in “League of Legends”. As the name suggests, the society has shaken from the original multi-person street life to evolve into a slow dance in a single family. Coupled with the ghosting special effects of the short video app, the low-profile version of the social shake is not only still powerful, but the action is more uniform than before.

The “Master of the Shadow Stream” developed by the social development, one does not affect public order, and the other does not hinder social development, which gives it tenacious vitality. With the BGM of “If you let me come over again, will you love me”, the earthy temperament of “Master of the Shadow Stream” has increased sharply. The extreme is the tide. People are completely enchanted by this form of dance, and even the station atmosphere such as B Station, which is incompatible with the fast hand, has been invaded by the local flavor culture.

The station ’s proud video of the bite cat “Elysium Pure Land” dance at Station B has now been easily surpassed by the new non-mainstream folk dance “Shadow of the Stream”, whose playback volume approaches 30 million. Sit tightly in the dance area and play the first throne.

The Lord of the Shadow Stream, a new thing with its own earthy flavor and not the mainstream, has gained unprecedented acceptance. Game anchor Zhou Shuyi and FPX team player Doinb have imitated, especially during the S9 League of Legends Global Finals, Doinb passed the “Master of the Shadow Stream” dance to Europe, causing European e-sports competitions to follow suit, even the G2 team Caps’s dad jumped up.

Although the “Master of the Shadow Stream” belongs to the awkward dance category, the lower level of dance requirements does not mean that its imitation difficulty is equally low. After the contemporary non-mainstream culture has received a large number of audiences, it is faced with the dilemma of how to turn these audiences into participants. The emergence of flower hands has solved this historic problem.

The flower hand that everyone can master and can shake at any time and place greatly reduces the threshold of participation. In addition, the sand sculpture elements it generates during the transmission process make flower hand accompanied by a sentence “Don’t love me, no result” , Unless the flower shakes me “ The classic declaration, the fire has spread all over the country.

If you can’t learn just by watching the video, it is recommended to go to Haidilao for a meal and let the omnipotent waiter teach on the spot.

Hua Shou was successfully exported abroad as a new culture. On the overseas version of vibrato tiktok, Japanese Mengmei also played a flower hand.