Standing at the turning point between old and new, he felt that it was both an opportunity and a test.

Xiaowang Technology, which has more than 2 million business users, stands in the spotlight, and whispers start to appear in the conference hall of hundreds of people. To them, Xiaowang Technology may be too unfamiliar. This “newcomer” in the enterprise service field, established just one year ago, won the “high growth” trophy in the enterprise service industry.

As an Internet startup company, Xiaowang Technology cuts into the “enterprise service” track for SMEs’ “ticket, tax, law + finance” services. The capital injection operation started in September 2018. So far, it has created a number of corporate service platforms from “small corporate management” to “cloud ticket assistants” and has more than 100 well-known tax engineers and lawyers.

What the entrepreneurs of the same period are quite envious of is that with the parent company Xuanji Information and Xuanji Baiwang’s direct injection of 12 million yuan in startup capital, Xiaowang Technology has achieved profitability in one year of operation.

Li Binyi is the founder and CEO of this company. Li Binyi, who has two entrepreneurial experiences, led the team to the United States more than ten years ago for project cooperation with Google, and established a local branch in the United States as the person in charge at the same time. After returning to China, he participated in the creation of Shangmi Technology. Shangmi Technology is a start-up company invested by Xiaomi Technology in the early stage. It specializes in research and development to support offline payment smart devices. It is the largest payment hardware manufacturer in China.

Before entering the business service industry, the entrepreneur Li Binyi was eager to join the company’s main business while he was able to appear a counterpart, professional business service company to help him vote, tax, law and other businesses To release his little energy. But professional counterparts at that time were really hard to find.

He regards this entrepreneurial venture as the last “closed loop” of his entrepreneurial career. I hope to have experienced professional corporate services in the United States, After returning home, he has twice started a business and has a deep understanding of the industry. He can really do something for his peers.

In the winter of entrepreneurship, when entrepreneurs are lingering or struggling on the edge of capital, no one notices that the “enterprise service” track for the new business system has become active. Beyond capital, confused and helpless entrepreneurs are increasingly eager for professional business tax services to ease the pressure. This coincided with Li Binyi’s original intention to create Xiaowang Technology, and he decided to seize this opportunity.

On November 27th, at an industry forum on “enterprise service”, participants regarded the current era of business transformation as the era of enterprise service 2.0. Li Binyi agrees with this division. Standing at the turning point between old and new, he felt that it was both an opportunity and a test.

Minority's future conjecture | Li Wangyi of Xiaowang Technology: In the winter, business services will expand and grow

Don’t let your company die because of this kind of thing

Li Binyi has been reluctant to review the experience so far. It was the last time he started a business and they did not think clearly about a business gambling agreement.

Finally, through the hard work of the team, the company returned to its own hands. But after the thrill, Li Binyi, who has been walking in the mall for more than 20 years, began to think about a question. Most of the start-up companies with dreams lack professional ticket, finance, tax, and knowledge. Are there any effective auxiliary programs?

“A lot of times it is not that they don’t want to understand the legal terms, but they are too professional and don’t even know where the problem is when something goes wrong.” On November 27, sit in a book where entrepreneurs come and go Here, Li Binyi still has a lot of gambling about the business a few years ago.

Li Binyi is the founder and CEO of Hangzhou Xiaowang Technology. This is an Internet start-up company registered and established for only one year, focusing on providing “ticket, tax, law + finance” services for small and medium-sized enterprises from all over the country. Business information shows that it is jointly owned by the parent company Beijing Xuanji Information Technology Co., Ltd. (stock code: 300324, hereinafter referred to as “Xuanji Information”) and Beijing Xuanji Baiwang Technology Co., Ltd. 12 million capital injection was established.

Xuanji Baiwang was established in 2014. It is a subsidiary of Xuanji Information. It specializes in traditional corporate ticket, financial and tax services. Currently it has accumulated more than 4 million SMEs.

Xiaowang Technology uses the parent company Xuanji Information and Xuanji Baiwang to co-inject capital of 12 million, established from “Xiaowang enterprise management strict”, “cloud ticket assistant” to offline service center “Xiaowangzhi Home “and other enterprises through-train service platform.

At present, through the “ticket, tax, law + finance” service, Xiaowang Technology has achieved profitability, and is expected to reach 100 million yuan next year. This is enviable for those who are struggling in the entrepreneurial winter.

In 2019, the capital market has cooled down, but the entire corporate service track seems to be ushering in spring. Data shows that there are currently 35 million registered enterprises in China, but with Li Binyi’s personal experience and observations, except for the wealthy giants, most small and medium-sized enterprises have always lacked professional services and support in the field of business finance and taxation.

“A lot of startup companies walked around and suddenly received a court summons. The founder caught it and the company was gone.” Li Binyi said, “You do n’t want your company to die or be pinned down by such things To have the opportunity to realize the dream of starting a business. “

Every time a nearby entrepreneur encounters a similar incident, Li Binyi feels sad about it. All this makes enterprise service companies such as Xiaowang Technology a hot demand in the market.

Jingdong in the enterprise service industry

The experience of starting a business in China often reminds Li Binyi of his experience of cooperating with Google 10 years ago in the United States. At that time, Li Binyi was the project leader of the Android mobile phone project with Google. At the beginning, he would lead the team at Google Registered a new branch nearby, and then sold mobile phones equipped with Google Android 1 system to third world countries.

In the United States, where legal provisions are very complicated, a series of procedures such as registration, renting, and paying taxes are cumbersome and complicated. They also need to think about how to build a sales team as soon as possible, and selling mobile phones to India and Africa is their core task.

At a loss, third-party corporate service companies specializing in ticketing, tax, and legal services in San Francisco quickly stepped in. What impressed him was that after signing the contract with a third-party corporate service company, the other party also reminded him immediately that the rent near Google was too expensive, and a few streets away there were sites on another continent in the US cheaper.

He doesn’t remember the details of the name of the business service company and the street where the company is located in the United States, but he can still remember that the service company will give him a list of tickets, finances and taxes every month. The above clearly indicates the progress and payment of each item, and at the same time notes how much money was saved by the method of this enterprise service company.

“In the United States more than a decade ago, ticket, tax, law and other agency service companies are one-stop service, and enterprises are very worry-free.” Li Binyi said.

Two years later, they successfully opened the mobile phone market in third world countries, with sales of more than 2 million mobile phones.

After 2013, when Li Binyi returned to China to start his own business, and his companions experienced the almost “gambling incident”, China’s ticket, tax, and legal agency service companies mostly posted small advertisements everywhere. Difficult to identify and difficult to measure.

He later concluded that for a company, the entrepreneur ’s personal ability, capital, etc. are hard power, and industrial and commercial taxation is otherwise “soft power” for a company.

“Internet companies are developing very fast. Many companies are not short of money, talent, and technology, but it seems that these seemingly simple routine procedures of business taxation often make a company’s CEO worry.” Li Binyi said .

He believes that Chinese Internet companies are on par with the United States, but if there is a real gap, China’s difference lies in these “soft powers.”

Business contact with Xuanji Baiwang has given Li Binyi a way out. On September 4, 2018, Xuanji Information and Xuanji Baiwang jointly invested 12 million to establish Zhejiang Xiaowang Technology Co., Ltd., with Li Binyi as CEO.

With these 12 million, Li Binyi is thinking about what can be done to make this market look more decent and formal, can really solve the urgent needs of enterprises, and be more in line with the current Internet development trend.

“What we want to do is become JD in the enterprise service industry and provide standard and fast professional services for all small and medium enterprises in need.” Li Binyi said. At present, Xiaowang Technology has accumulated more than 2 million users.

Transfer temperature under details

In his more than 20-year career, half of Li Binyi’s roles have been “product managers.” In meeting the needs of customers, Li Binyi has always had his own obsession. He needs a meticulous user experience. For example, after the user asks questions on “Strictly Managed Enterprise”, a complete picture-type response is generated in the background. He even pays attention to whether the color of this picture is appropriate.

“Because users tend to be anxious when faced with problems, and professional legal-related responses are often blunt. When putting the information he wants in front of them, consider whether the picture is comfortable overall. Relieve their anxiety while answering questions. “Li Binyi said.

Business service companies are sometimes better at solving ticket, financial, and tax issues, but in the face of complex legal issues, they often feel headaches.

In recent days, Li Binyi will unconsciously ponder a background “bad review” incident that just happened. There are multiple evaluation systems on Xiaowang Technology’s service platform. Users can also give lawyers and tax accountants who provide services when seeking services. A business owner from Xiaowang Technology found a lawyer to help him in a lawsuit. In the end, the business case was lost. The business owner was very angry and gave the lawyer a low score.

What makes Binyi Li worry is that he can’t let users down, but the lawyers have won or lost in the lawsuit itself. How can they formulate a more fair evaluation system to balance the contradiction between the two?

After the final team discussion, the case of the above-mentioned “bad evaluation” incident will be evaluated by Dacheng Law Firm, which is more professional in legal affairs. The final evaluation of the lawyer by the back office will refer to the evaluation opinions of the professional law firm.

He hopes that Xiaowang Technology is a company with a temperature.

“When we use sincerity and trust to resolve and weigh the relationship between all parties, we hope to refer to opinions and interests from various aspects as much as possible,” said Li Binyi.

The temperature he understands also includes trustworthy intimacy.

Li Binyi is not particularly concerned about how big Xiaowang Technology can be in the future. “Whether it turns out to be a large enterprise or a small enterprise, we all hope that we can really use our products to help small and medium enterprises, because small and medium enterprises lack these things.”

Early in November, Xiaowang Technology opened its first offline service center in Hangzhou, the “Little Hope House”. Enterprises that encounter issues related to ticketing, finance, taxation, and law can use a smart phone. The device finds its own corresponding problem, and Xiaowang Technology’s China Taiwan database will launch a corresponding “diagnosis” according to the problem.

Many problems can be solved instantly online. However, if problems require human assistance, the system will also introduce the characters of tax accountant, financial accountant or lawyer like the hospital department.

Introductory materials will indicate their areas of expertise. Are tax professionals good at the Internet or real estate? Are lawyers good at patent cases or equity cases? After reading, companies can choose according to their own needs.

“It’s more like a clinic.” Used entrepreneurs comment.

So far, Xiaowang Technology, which has been established for only one year, has achieved profitability through enterprise service products. However, unlike other startups, Xiaowang Technology has not raised external financing. “We do not want the pressure of capital to affect the results we want.” Li Binyi said.

Welcoming the 2.0 era of professional service services

Xiaowang Technology is doing its best to make itself a platform that SMEs are willing to trust and use at high frequency. The repurchase rate of Xiaowang Technology, a financial service product, exceeds 80%, and the background user data has shown explosive growth in less than a year.

Li Binyi believes that the secret behind this is “professional”.

It’s not easy to get a newly established corporate services startup into the “professional” blood.

In the words of Binyi Li, “You need to have extraordinary accumulation of industry resources, and you have to‘ understand ’.”

“Understand” means knowing what you really want.

Xiaowang Technology has developed platforms such as “Xiaowang’s strict management of enterprises” and “Cloud Ticket Assistant”. “Small hope for strict management of enterprises” can help enterprises to solve ticket, finance, tax, law and other issues in one-stop, has accumulated 500,000 B-end enterprise attention. “Cloud Ticket Assistant” can complete lightning invoicing, and has accumulated 1 million B-end enterprise downloads.

In addition to “professional and knowledgeable”, compared with traditional agency companies, Xiaowang Technology is also characterized by “high cost performance”.

“Than the cost of traditional company servicesMore than a few times lower. “Said a staff member of Xiaowang Technology.

The reason why AI is so cost-effective is that AI plays a very important role. Li Binyi said that some bookkeeping is duplication of labor, for example, some small businesses don’t have a lot of money in their accounts, and they don’t have a lot of votes. This small-scale bookkeeping is called zero declaration in taxation, and no tax is required. This simple accounting can be done through the intelligent system operation of Xiaowang Technology.

“The core of our company is this data center. Through the accumulation of data, we can slowly polish a set of very standardized industry services. It turned out that companies need to spend half a day to consult with lawyers. Here they may only It takes half an hour to resolve. The time cost saved is also valuable to the enterprise. “Li Binyi said.

Beginning last year, the Chinese tax system launched a big data-based business management and supervision system, the “Golden Tax Phase III”. After that, China’s business service industry has gradually entered a period of strict and transparent regulation, and the era of “buying votes and doing accounting” will no longer exist.

Li Binyi thinks that this may also mean that the 2.0 era of Chinese enterprise services has arrived. In this era, the market and supervision will require corporate service companies to provide increasingly professional, standard and considerate services.

He likes to repeatedly emphasize with the people around him that under the background of China’s vigorous promotion of the new economy, the scale of industries and enterprises will continue to expand. The role of corporate service companies should be to give entrepreneurs peace of mind to do what they do well Let professional corporate services companies handle ticket, finance, tax, and legal issues for them.

In the context of the rise of the new business, the demand for standardized and trusted services will continue to increase. Li Binyi hopes that the company “if there is a problem, look for a small hope.”

Regarding the future of the market, Li Binyi believes that at present, the size of the US service market is about 10 times that of China, and this industry will definitely continue to expand a large number of markets with economic development.

He hopes that in the 2.0 era of professional enterprise service, Xiaowang Technology can be a personal service for entrepreneurs and a personal steward of enterprises.

He looks forward to joining the main force that promotes the standardized operation of the enterprise service industry, and provides the possibility of a “soft landing” for new Chinese businesses in the transition period.

Future conjectures for minorities

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