December 2, 2019 ( Eastern Time ), China Ping An ( 601318: SH; 2318: HK ), a subsidiary of Financial One Account ( referred to as” One Account “) updated the prospectus document . according to time Table, One Account will be next Friday ( December 13 ) start trading, code OCFT.

According to the prospectus document, E-Account intends to issue 36 million ADSs ( American Depositary Shares ) at a price range of US $ 12 to US $ 14 ( The corresponding market value is about $ 5 billion ).

Assuming that the issue price is set at the upper limit and an additional 5.4 million ADSs are sold through the “over-allotment”, the one account IPO will involve a maximum of 579.6 million US dollars.

Since its establishment in December 2015, OneAccount has helped customers complete a total of 1.8 trillion transactions; in the first three quarters of 2019, it processed 135,000 anti-fraud audits per day, 4.2 million credit risk assessments, and 13,000 motor vehicles. Insurance claims.

As of the end of the third quarter, One Account has 3,700 financial institution customers, which is the largest TAAS in China ( Technology-as-a-serv