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Today, some media said that the old iron fast hand is about to get 3 billion US dollars in financing, and the leading investment agency is Tencent.

If the news is true, after this round of financing is completed, Tencent will hold nearly 20% of the equity of Kuaishou, which is a very important shareholder.

An old friend of the investment circle once told me that Tencent had considered the acquisition of Kuaishou, but Kuaishou did not agree. After all, companies that want to invest money have a long line.

Fasthand and Tencent are quite destined.

Shu Hua, the founder of Kuaishou, and Zhang Xiaolong, the father of WeChat, are both Hunan natives. They are also obsessed with coding and firmly believe in humanities. Cheng Yixiao, another founder of Kuaishou, is also called “Tiantongyuan Zhang Xiaolong”.

Quick hands have been praised and restrained like WeChat. One of WeChat’s ideas is “No matter how small an individual is, he has his own brand.” The slogan of Kuaishou is “Record the world, record you”, and even to appear closer to life, the spokespersons are not good, such as Huang Bo.

Both Kuaishou and Tencent have universal ideas. Therefore, when Douyin indicated that he would “record a good life”, Zhang Xiaolong stated clearly that I did not agree with recording a good life. Obviously, it is fast.

But unfortunately, falling flowers are deliberately flowing. According to our observations, Although taking Tencent’s money, the fast hand is moving away from Zhang Xiaolong.


Some of my friends knew about the fast hand through the article “Cruel Story at the Bottom”. This article introduces the various scenes of Kuaishou rural users, and even contrasts that while one goes north, Guangshen, and Kuaishou, the countryside is sinking.

Therefore, some people say that the fast hand is a bit low, and the vibrato is fashionable. But is this really the case? We don’t see it.

The coincidence of Douyin and Faster is getting higher and higher.

Look at the user level first. The report from the Internet monitoring agency shows that the combined user scale of Douyin and Kuaishou has reached 160 million, which is more than double that of last year. This trend is growing.

In terms of content, The degree of integration between the two parties is also getting higher and higher. For example, the disco wolf Disco, who was swiped by the old irons, yelled to draw a dragon on the left, a rainbow on the right, and Guo Fucheng on the chest.

The local wind that came from the face has become the most popular song of Douyin. One by one, young ladies and sisters, trembling with the rhythm. But in the last second they may still be in slow motion with their left and right hands.

Handmade Geng, known as “Useless Edison”, is popular on both the fast hand and the vibrato. Li Jiaqi, Feng Timo, Jun Zhedidi, these big V are also deeply loved by users of the two platforms. The various spitting stalks and plot reversal stalks are also irrelevant to which platform and who uses it.

In March 2018, a fast-handed user posted an article with a clear theme. When I went to Harvard, I went fast. And let’s think about how Douyin was promoted at that time? Didn’t you find a “cheesy” Xiaoyueyue to promote it? What Xiaoyueyue does, talk about cross talk, northern cross talk. What is Northern Crosstalk? It is not the vulgar “garlic” in Haipai’s mouth yet.

So, The fast hand is actually the vibrato in the countryside; the fast hand is the quick hand in the city. A thousand years of foxes. What kind of chat do you play with me?


Quick hands and tremolo are becoming more and more like each other.

The interface of Qiaoshou is double-column, and the drop-down is a comment after watching the video. To see the next one, you must return to the homepage and click again. Fast handThis can maintain the interaction between the audience and bloggers and strengthen the community culture.

But Kuaishou soon launched a large-screen version and an extremely fast version, completely using the vibrato information flow mode. Pull down, it’s cool; pull down all the time. But in a blink of an eye, I forgot who the old iron broadcaster was, not even men and women.

Quicker’s dream is to record everyone so that every ordinary person can be found, and adhere to the underlying inclusive distribution philosophy. Although fast hand shake is an algorithm and a traffic pool, Quick Hand sets an upper limit for the traffic of each video, to ensure that even ordinary videos have traffic and can be seen.

The Douyin uses the “Matthew Effect”, Videos with fast rising traffic will give more traffic. For videos with moderate initial traffic, there is almost no traffic.

But the concept of fast hands is also changing.

Quickly organized the operation team, signed a big V, MCN, and gave traffic rewards and bonus support. The purpose is clear. These big Vs must make better and more attractive content.

Make big Vs bigger, make content better, and make traffic more centralized. Quick hands are more and more unrestrained, more and more like vibrato, and the warmth of people is a cold algorithm.

Of course, the vibrato is not idle. Douyin also launched an extremely fast version, and the new strategy is quite grounded. When you sign up, you give red envelopes, pull people, sign in, and watch videos all give gold coins. This play is exactly the same as the five-ring fast. And it is said that in some places, downloading Douyin also gave away eggs.

Also say algorithms are ruthless.

The fast hands have been forced to change shape by Douyin. As a result, Douyin has also learned how to be fast.


It is helpless to shake your hands quickly.

The number of active users accumulated in 6 years was overtaken by Douyin who started late in 2 years. The growth of the total number of users in the industry has slowed sharply, from 132% in 2018 to 32%.

Seeing the coming of the stock market, what should I do?

With the diversification of Douyin content, such as signing more old iron contracts, then fast users will also be lost. After all, for the broadcaster, where to roast camels is not roasted, and users are even more so, where to watch roasted camels is not to see.

The number of users will decrease, and the income of fast players will gradually decrease. Therefore, fast players need to quickly rob users and monetize users like vibrato.

But can you sell your social network to an algorithm to achieve your dreams and reach the peak? It’s not. Quickly these changes may be able to achieve the goal of 300 million daily lives in a short period of time, but in the long run, this is exactly drinking thirst.

The attributes of Quick Hand and Douyin are completely different. Quick hands are social attributes; Douyin is media attributes. The media is traffic trading, so generating traffic is the number one priority.

But social is not the case.

Social is the trust accumulated through time and interaction. The importance of stickiness and network effects, You can see from Ali’s failed attacks on Tencent.

Fasthands may feel the pressure, so they also start financing again. The fast hand can now be jointly invested by the three BAT companies, not entirely because they are good enough to fight, but because everyone has a common enemy-the headline system. Search, information, short videos, and cargo delivery are all headlines.

But obviously, the quicker point should be to strengthen the social advantage. And now I ’m jumping into Douyin’s place and competing for content to subsidize Sabie, and there are only two endings:

No father, no money, defeated; for money, they are reduced to giant pieces of headlines.


A small step in quick change is a big step in real world loss.

What are the results of Douyin’s algorithmic flow? In addition to letting usersIncreasing obsession will also change everyone’s perception of the world.

Traffic is getting more and more concentrated, production costs are getting higher, and ordinary users’ participation is getting lower. As a result, what you see is a beautiful life after careful dressing up.

What reminds me of it? It reminds me of the world of Chumen, which is exquisitely designed. The world is coming, and we are all from the audience and become the trapped people.

This article is from the WeChat public account: far-Technology comments (ID: kechuangych) , author: Third Sister Liu