After the electronic syllable industry has become more calm, our practitioners are also reflecting on the present and boldly planning the future.

Editor’s note: This article comes from WeChat public account “Reading entertainment” (ID: yiqiduyu) , The author Lin Fujier, reproduced with permission.

From the sudden outbreak in 2017 to the chaotic phenomenon in 2018, the popularity of electronic syllables has come and gone quickly. In the past two years, there have been multiple data statistics agencies investigating the Chinese electronic music market. Data reports related to electronic music. Only Netease, which only attempted to enter the electronic music market, gave out some numbers.

Fortunately, after a lot of ups and downs, the electronic syllable industry has squeezed a lot of bubbles, and practitioners have begun to think about how electronic syllables should be done. Most of the electronic syllables that remain in the market now have the idea of ​​strengthening the brand, or have in-depth cooperation with a city to maintain the development of electronic syllables for several years in a row, or use the tour mode to replicate the brand in many places across the country. Electronic syllable brands have also been thinking more carefully.

From the perspective of the development law of multiple content fields, 2-3 years can be considered as a development cycle. Although the electronic syllable is covered in performance, it is still essentially content. Therefore, such an electronic syllable in 2019 At the end of the development cycle of the industry, I also want to know what kind of business the Electronic Music Festival is. Is it worth it?

01. In just two years from the rise to the shuffle, Is there any hope for electronic syllables?

In 2017, China’s electronic syllable market ushered in an explosion. Only 32 electronic syllables were held in the country the previous year, and this year it soared to 86. Among them, Ultra’s entry and the multi-city copy of the storm electronic syllable , Make more people jealous of the field of electronic syllables. In addition to companies that have the ability to host large-scale outdoor events, they began to group dishes, and some teams that could not find enough experience and experience also began to try to create an electronic syllable from scratch.

From performing to

Whether it is an electronic music festival or a music festival, the executive needs to have multiple capabilities, artist procurement channels, applications for large-scale outdoor activities, optimization of the audience’s entertainment experience, etc. According to a practitioner’s Reading Yujun said that the specifics of making an electronic syllableThe electronic syllable tour started the brand and applied the operation method of the traditional performance industry to the electronic syllable field.

These two types of electronic syllable development models actually point to two commercialization ideas. The former tends to create electronic syllable brands. After the electronic syllable box office, sponsorship and other direct related benefits, it expands the brand’s IP. More entertainment business is commercialized; the latter tends to traditional performance ideas, using the benefits of the electronic music festival brand and artist lineup to scale the performance project (electronic music festival) to increase revenue.

Because the electronic syllable industry is still in its early stages of development, we cannot judge whether these two types of models are high or low, but judging from the current industry trends, electronic syllables may sooner or later leave the traditional performance industry.

About this, we might as well take a look at the strawberry music festival which is a well-known domestic music festival brand, and the operator behind it, Modern Sky. This year, Modern Sky officially expressed “we are not only a music company” through a press conference. After bringing the Strawberry Music Festival to the whole country, it began to lay out offline performance spaces, and then established a music-related sports factory. Brand is also trying to develop music + offline lifestyle integration space, that is, modern sky is accumulating years of brand effects to expand to the level of young people’s lifestyle.

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The brand Jungle Electronic Music Festival, which did a national tour, also said when it completed financing last year that it wanted to expand to artist brokers, offline space and other businesses, that is, companies that currently do music festival tours are actively taking the initiative. Explore related formats derived from music festivals.

On the other hand, among the electronic music festival brands planning to deeply cultivate a certain city, we have also seen relatively mature cultural tourism expansion ideas. For example, the IMF Xiamen Super Music Carnival settled in Xiamen, and the organizer behind it, Asia Star Entertainment, cooperated with Xigu Shangbo Space Bar Group to establish the IMF Space Normal Electronic Music Cultural Theater in Xiamen, and signed 6 Xiamen local short video KOL DJ. This can be seen in the IMF’s cultural ambitions.

From performing to

As the organizers of downstream electronic festivals, although it is difficult to reverse the current situation, basically the current electronic festivals are adjusting the composition of artists at home and abroad as much as possible, and by reducing the number of overseas DJs by joining some local DJs Dependency. Of course, with the development of China’s electronic music industry, the growth of more high-quality domestic DJs, the growth of electronic music festival brands, and the perception of the organizers of jointly expanding the market after the market has cooled down may alleviate this pressure. .

For the opacity of industry information, downstream sponsors have to wait, but we have seen hope about how to obtain the trust and recognition of capital and the outside world.

First of all, the market has always been there, and it is continuously releasing signals of its strong demand. According to the two quarterly reports of your music chart for 2019, the market popularity of electronic music content has always been in the top two except for popular categories; according to the “2019 China Electronic Music Market Insight Report”, China Electronic Music in 2021 The user scale will reach 530 million people, and the online playback volume of Chinese electronic music is expected to reach 420 billion times.

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Second, after the idea of ​​electronic music syllables moving towards offline content has been dug up, the electronic music syllable brands that have moved to IP have a stronger means of profit, and it is easier for management to understand this new track that has only recently formed .

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Ma Le, founder of Starlight Entertainment Asia

About this, Ma Le also shared his own experience with Du Yujun. At present, Starlight Entertainment’s IP-based IMF brand is expanding to more formats, including already-launched bars and online KOL operations, as well as planned food courts and online entertainment entertainment experience halls, etc., to open the line around IMF Go online and offline, complete mutual drainage and strengthen the brand.

In the view of Du Yujun, the packaged combination of these formats may become an IP format incubation project that can make it easier for investors to participate.Invest in the entire IP format, and capture the multiple commercial returns after the IP of the next electronic syllable brand.

In general, after the electronic syllable industry has become more calm, our practitioners are also reflecting on the present and boldly planning the future. Whether it depends on cultural tourism or multi-city replication, which path will make electronic syllables Take it in a new direction.

Especially, no matter if electronic music festival brands from overseas or domestic electronic music festivals, they are still in the initial stage of development for only 2 or 3 sessions. From the perspective of content, they still need The support of time to verify their own ideas and models, and when the incubation cycle of the electronic syllable content is completed, it may bring unexpected results.

Although in 2019, the Chinese electronic music festival market is not as hot as the previous two years, this year’s dormancy may be exchanged for the next outbreak. Therefore, it is time for us to rethink the imagination of electronic syllables.