The article is from the WeChat public account: China News Weekly (ID: chinanewsweekly) , author: Yu Yang, from the title figure: Oriental IC

“No focus on the exam, no more knocking on the blackboard … Is this even more difficult?”

A few days ago, the Ministry of Education issued a heavy document to cancel the syllabus for junior high school proficiency examinations. Coupled with the cancellation of this year’s high school examination outline, China’s middle and high school entrance examination will no longer have an examination outline. As soon as the news came out, it sparked heated discussions between parents and candidates.

It is true that quality education is the general trend. This measure requires higher knowledge of students. But the question is, will the candidates lose their goals without the outline as a guide? How to take the middle and high school entrance examination without the exam outline?


In 2019, the syllabus for the college entrance examination has been cancelled.

On November 29, the Ministry of Education held a press conference. Lu Yugang, the director of the Department of Basic Education of the Ministry of Education, revealed that the Ministry of Education has just issued three major documents, including the “Opinions of the Ministry of Education on Strengthening Junior High School Proficiency Test Propositions” .

Opinions pointed out that Strictly based on the scientific propositions of compulsory education curriculum standards, canceled the junior high school vocational level examination outline, and promoted students to earnestly learn each course and complete the compulsory education studies prescribed by the state.

The junior high school proficiency test is what people usually call the high school entrance examination. In 2016, the Ministry of Education launched a new round of high school entrance examination reform. In order to reduce the pressure of compulsory education students’ multiple examinations, the two tests for the junior high school graduation examination and the entrance examination are implemented together, collectively known as the junior high school proficiency test.

Cancellation of the examination outline has been implemented in some provinces. In September this year, the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Education issued a notice that similar test instructions or test outlines written in various places were automatically abolished.

After all, it is more important to give children a complete education at the middle school level.

The article is from WeChat public account: China News Weekly (ID: chinanewsweekly) author: Yu Yang