This article is from the WeChat public account: Entertainment Hard Candy (ID: yuleyingtang) , author: Liu soil, editor: Li Chunhui, from the cover: Oriental IC

If you use one word to describe 2019, the choice of guest officials is-

Hard Candy Jun firmly nominates “AWSL”. The short four letters are enough to accurately convey my anxiety in the face of the year-end summary, the joy of the annual raffle draw, and the distress of the marriage at the end of the year. Of course, more of it is for the beauty … the most important thing is, Obsessed with bilibili (hereinafter referred to as B station) The hard candy man throughout the year can’t completely get around this stalk.

Today’s (December 4th) , station B will announce the annual barrage data as usual, “AWSL” will beat “tears” and “wonderful” Ah “” I can “and other high-frequency words, become the annual barrage of station B in 2019. In the past year, users at station B sent a total of 1.4 billion barrage times, and AWSL appeared 3233620 times.

With a few flicks, the annual barrage at Station B has been held for three sessions. Looking at the whole network, Internet users’ “black words” enthusiasm has reached a new high this year, and typical new words have been created in different circles: the social animal “Tainan”, the fan “Top”, and the B station is naturally “AWSL”!

In this multi-circle era, the function of words has gone beyond communication, and has gradually become an identity tag and a social currency. As in a youth cultural community like Station B, As an important means of user interaction, behind it is a generation of social habits, aesthetic tastes and even memories of the times.

If we consider the B-bar stop qualifying as a big data census of young culture, we will find that its industrial value is far greater than expected. We can glimpse the interest map and social scene of young users to feed back content creation and entertainment marketing. Well, Hard Candy’s slogan today is: I want to hug young people, starting from reading the annual barrage at station B.

“Awei” in station B

Before the announcement of the “End of Year B Barrage in Station B”, many netizens voted for the “C” to “I can.” After all, this word is tired of brushing.

Now, “I can” also squeezed into the TOP10 and made a successful debut, but the position lost to “AWSL”, which lasted a year and a half. The public opinion is so, after all, AWSL won the “animation of animation pop” last year. Hmm, sure enough, they still have to lose to these drafts.

Following the fantasy drifting of station B of AWSL, it is impossible to get rid of snow on YouTube’s well-known virtual anchor. This white-haired beast-eared high school girl has a sweet appearance, a quiet personality, and a proper orthodox Vtuber. Whenever it goes live, countless otakus will frantically “Kawaii” in the comment area. And when the fans ’emotions accumulated to the peak, in the final sentence“ 在 一 、 私 は 死 ん て い る ” (A Watashiwa Shintei Lu, AWSL) Was released.

Interestingly, “あ 、 私 は 死 ん て い る” translated into Chinese means “ah, I ’m dead”. The abbreviation of AWSL actually has the same meaning in China and Japan, and achieves emotional resonance across regions and languages. Especially in the later period, when Baixue Bingxue heard “AWSL”, she would be shy to hide, and it also caused fans to play terribly.

Soon, AWSL was brought to the B station by the ACG audience, and became a catchphrase for young people. When the fans are emptied by the cute image in the animation, they will always paint a wave of “AWSL” to express their excitement and praise.

Under the creative power of B-site users, AWSL has undergone Chinese characterization and concreteness, radiating more audiences in meaning extension and high-frequency use. To this day, AWSL has had nearly ten kinds of interpretations such as “Ah I’m Dead”, “A Wei Was Thin”, “Ah I’m Asleep” and so on. By repeatedly fictionalizing and deconstructing the social symbol “Awei”, people let him pass on his own experience of film viewing and aesthetic orientation on the barrage.

Now that AWSL has swept the B station, he has a record in the food, entertainment, and game areas. It is interesting that in different contexts, the image of “Awei” can be quite different: when watching food and television, “Awei” is a mortal who cannot escape desire; when studying dance, “Awei” is a brave who challenges the limit ; When eating chicken, “Awei” has become a great entertainer.

UP owners also edit their works and set margins around “AWSL” to create opportunities for everyone to interact with the screen. Among them, the UP main @why would n’t eat fat, uploaded a video titled “AWSL! One heartbeat, two pits, three empty blood tanks!”. The word ASWL simply and rudely expressed the fans’ love for the idol Saito Asuka, and also guided the neat “Awei” assistance in the barrage. As of press time, this content has received 3.156 million broadcasts and 125,000 favorites.

The station’s national terrestrial playing stalk also promoted the popularization of “AWSL”. In the movie “Anti-drug”, Zhang Jiahui said that “Awei is dead”. For a time, the B-ghost professional households and the barrage buzzwords interacted, and it was all thanks to the spontaneity of the masses to achieve viral transmission.

Under the blessing of the annual barrage, “AWSL” will set off a new round of setting competition. Users with different attributes have given “Awei” a new identity, letting them shuttle through the barrage of different time and space, staged a scene of “life and death”. If Awei dies, it must be exhausted by you!

Word Contest Now Starts

In the stereotypes of the early public, homonyms, acronyms, and vocabulary are often considered as non-mainstream behaviors of young people. Maybe you remember the early Martian text? But now, Word-creation culture has been rapidly influencing the online life of the entire population through the cross-infiltration of content-derived and social communication . The People ’s Daily ’s new media headline uses a variety of new words without any obstacles, and the popularity of the term in rice circles is even more amazing.

That said, this year, six schools, nine schools, and Ming schools are all out of the circle with the strength of “language art”. Even Hard Candy’s mother would sip a few words, “I don’t want you to think, I want me to think”, and you can see that x words x words have endless charm.

The spread of new words is closely related to the popular path. Even in the limited field of station B, the popular elements of “AWSL”, “I can” and “inject the soul” are different, including brainwashing, fun, Various advantages such as a strong sense of screen. But what is certain is that the high-frequency barrage must be a user’s directional choice, and it must be able to strongly express their viewing experience, psychological appeal and spiritual expectations.

AWSL can become the annual barrage. The key is that it has a strong generalization and can be used in different scenarios.