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This year’s hottest item for e-commerce is the short video with goods. Numerous cases are promoting a short video with hundreds of thousands of playbacks, more than one million with goods, and everything sold. For example, Li Jiaqi, one of the Internet celebrities, can sell 15,000 lipsticks in 15 minutes of live broadcast, and “Second Brother”, an online celebrity, takes 288 cars at a time.

As of June 2019, the total number of users of short videos has reached 857 million. If you do not catch up with this bonus, users are likely to be snatched by competing products; and the conversion rate of short videos is high. The text image is 12 times, and the user who has watched the video is 1.8 times more willing to buy than other users.

Undoubtedly, Live and short video take delivery is one of the most effective ways to take delivery.

Why live broadcasts are hot?

Li Jiaqi, an elder brother of the Internet, has a really strong ability to take goods.

Many people have summarized his routines, such as oh my god to deepen his impressions, add elements to emphasize the effects, hit the consumer pain points with gold sentences, and arouse resonance, and then someone followed the imitation; “What’s the price to hit” has driven a group of imitators.
Is the live broadcast with a well-known internet celebrity good or is the new routine more powerful?

But when you are using that routine It is impossible to sell goods, but Li Jiaqi can do it because it improves the shopping experience and efficiency of customers. To put it bluntly, Customers can buy goods that are right for them without spending much time.

For example, the cover of his video is directly the product name. The video will directly tell the fans to try the effect. This lipstick will not dry on the lips for five hours, and those lips that are easy to dry will have an impulse to buy.

This is the reason why the net red grass straw can be sold. You can’t experience it. I’ll help you experience it, and then you can buy it according to your needs. This was caught by Netease’s strict selection and some content e-commerce, they only recommend products that are suitable for you.

In the past two years, various new concepts such as digital retail and new era business models have been bombarding consumers, so we are caught in a forced acceptance, forced to follow, forcedSituation of participation.

Big Internet guys have been talking about efficiency and experience, but now most people only focus on routines, always thinking that as long as I can follow a routine, I can make money. The whole environment is in a low efficiency and experience Poor condition.

Although the development of science and technology has improved the efficiency of shopping and the consumer experience to a certain extent, convenience has been improved more, but convenience is not the core of selling goods.
Does live streaming bring a well-known online celebrity effect, or is the new routine more powerful?

It ’s like Double Eleven this year In addition to testing businesses, it also tests consumers’ ability to calculate accounts. Xiao Bian deeply understands, such as shopping allowances, building games, Taobao Life, etc. constantly remind me to receive discounts, but the real enjoyment of the discount can only be reduced across stores, because Xiao Bian did not understand the account.

So why are you thinking about improving the user experience, but the environment is still poor?

Because there is too much information and serious homogeneity, and most consumers are unwilling to bear the cost of experience. Even if the “experience” proposed by many businesses is not really an experience.

Also, the activities of some offline stores are basically promotion promotion, which will cause consumers to be drowned in all kinds of brain-burning and non-sense information.

Who is making money from human gambling?

With the rise of the Internet, in addition to cosmetics, daily necessities, etc., there are some businesses that use people’s gambling to sell goods, such as live gambling stones.
Is the live broadcast with a well-known internet celebrity good, or is the new routine more powerful?

“One knife is poor, two knife is rich “” Bet a gamble, bicycle becomes a luxury car “is the biggest dream of every stone gambler, and there are not a few people who rely on a stone hair family with a few hundred dollars, and these irrational people often become live broadcast gambling stones Object.

In addition to gambling stones, the recent blind box is also very hot. It also uses people’s gambling and seeking excitement. Blind boxes have ordinary models and rare hidden models. Hidden models generally look better. In general, the probability of hidden models is only 1: 144, and limited edition models are as low as 1: 720. Under this design, the blind box can make people have an unknown surprise, especially at the moment when the hidden model is drawn, it is more than Erguotou.

Also, with the best-selling of blind boxes,