Provide SMS marketing platform for Shopify stores.

According to foreign media reports, the startup company Postscript has recently raised $ 4.5 million in funding. The financing was led by Accomplice, Kayak (founder of Paul English), Kevin Hale (founder of Wufoo), Klaviyo (founder of Andrew Bialecki), Elias Torres (Drift), Mathilde Collin (founder of Front), and Eric Rea and Dennis Steele (founder of Podium) participated. This financing will be used to build Postscript’s SMS marketing platform, which will make the interaction between stores on Shopify and buyers more convenient.

Adding “Communication” to Shopify

In the early days, cross-border e-commerce sellers will think about a question: should you choose to open a store on the platform or build your own independent foreign trade station?

Both methods have advantages and disadvantages, and most people may choose to open a store on the platform because they do not need to consider website traffic and website maintenance. However, some sellers will tend to choose self-built websites (Amazon sellers), because self-built websites have no commissions and are highly autonomous, without being bound by the platform.

Generally speaking, we need to build an independent foreign trade self-built station, we need to buy the server and space ourselves, then upload and debug the e-commerce program system, and then accept the payment method, and even ask the designer to design the website interface. The process is very tedious.

Shopify is a platform that allows users to manage online stores independently. In simple terms, users register an account on Shopify and then select their favorite shop template, which can be set up in three minutes Set up an independent e-commerce website and sell its products worldwide.

With $ 4.5 million in funding, SMS marketing company

Shopify’s official website in China

Postscript is establishedThe purpose is to help e-commerce companies, especially on the Shopify platform, connect with customers via SMS. Postscript’s Shopify plugin enables sellers and buyers to talk via SMS and then make transactions.

US $ 4.5 million financing, SMS marketing company

Postscript website

The advantages of SMS marketing

Gearbunch founder Dan Nikas has praised this as the best SMS app on the market. SMS marketing has the following 4 advantages:

  • Consumer Hierarchy: Shopify can divide buyers into groups with different labels and different attributes, and then conduct precise marketing.

  • Enhance competitiveness: Through SMS, customers can quickly receive new products and promotions.

  • Automation: Sellers can do some Q & A settings on the platform, and the platform will respond automatically based on the keywords of the buyer.

  • One-click dialogue: Through the dialogue window, buyers and sellers can achieve 1-to-1 real-time conversations

    Postscript’s current plan is to start at $ 50 / month and send 1500 text messages, with a limit of $ 2,000 / month and 83,000 text messages.

    Postscript founder Alex Beller said that the company currently has more than 530 paying customers, and that each customer spends between $ 50 and $ 2,000 on this platform.