Mark and Allen are good friends. Shanghai recently opened at the World Expo, so the two met in Shanghai and wanted to visit. In this area of ​​Shanghai, going out is either a bus, a taxi, or a subway, but it is still economical from the subway. The most important point is that there is no traffic jam.
Mark bought two subway cards and went through the subway entrance with Allen, preparing to take the subway to the State Hall C to visit. The stop sign shows: 3 minutes and 15 seconds before the next bus arrives at this station.
“Hey, you said, the “gate” of the subway entrance can only be passed by one person at a time, and the person behind can’t get through without checking in. Right?” Allen asked.
“Yes” Mark responded casually. Then he changed his tongue immediately, “That’s not necessarily!”
“Why not?” Mark asked.
“I ride on your head, two people are enough to buy a ticket, haha!”
“I ride you almost,” Allen retorted.
Looking, the subway is coming, the two embarked on a trip to the Expo…
The two arrived at the China Pavilion, queued for 6 hours, and finally bought a ticket to enter the pavilion, really not easily.
Finally, after the visit, the two found a restaurant and had a good meal.
“The China Pavilion is so handsome, especially the dynamic Qingming River Map.” Allen said while drinking beer.
“I like that Qingjiu Qingyan…” I chatted like this until 11pm.
Mark looked at his watch, “Oh, maybe it’s over subway time, it’s really impossible to do it.”
“Boss Checkout” Alan turned to Mark while pulling out his wallet: “Go check it out, maybe there will be one last shift.”
Let’s go, the two settled their bills and went straight to the subway station.