Although most researchers do not hesitate to attribute Lao Niu to the ranks of writers, there are still many people who believe that such a simple classification method will undoubtedly obliterate Lao Niu’s amazing accomplishments in music and unparalleled in music Outstanding contribution.
  Compared with Lao Niu’s literary experience, Lao Niu’s music career is much earlier, and can even be traced back to the first day of Lao Niu’s arrival in this world. When the old cow announced his arrival with a cry, the serenity of the delivery room was completely torn, and all the medical staff prostrately prostrate on the floor, foaming in his mouth. Later, within a few months of Lao Niu’s hospitalization, the hospital’s patient discharge rate set a historical record (although most of them were carried out).
  Although many scholars have expressed a strong interest in Lao Niu’s music life in kindergarten, all this is still a mystery that no one knows. Because the music teacher in Lao Niu’s kindergarten was confused, no written clues were left for examination.
   Generally speaking, the beginning of Lao Niu’s music career recognized by the world should be Lao Niu’s primary school stage. Before meeting Lao Niu, Lao Niu’s elementary school music teacher could not have imagined it anyway. Someone could sing all the notes exactly. This directly led him to take the initiative to request to leave the music teaching position and transfer to the communication room, so that he could have enough energy to sort out the deeds of Lao Niu. This has brought great help to people’s research work at the same time, and also won the world’s respect for this nerve-old old man.
In a whole-school chorus competition in the third grade, Lao Niu sent the principal to the hospital because of his outstanding musical talent. This is the direct reason why Lao Niu’s Chinese teacher intends to stay in Lao Niu for one more year without success.
  Lao Niu Middle School’s music teacher couldn’t help but study the first time he heard Lao Niu’s singing, how such a beautiful voice was made. Her curious hands pressed gently on the old cow’s vocal cords. Laoniu understood her meaning from her excited eyes: if you dare to make another note, I will strangle you.
   should be grateful for the invention of karaoke, which gave Lao Niu a wider world to show his singing voice. When the first note came out of Lao Niu’s mouth, all the window panes burst with intoxication. Through the broken window frame, the old cow clearly saw the eager expression on the face of the neighbor waving the wooden stick in his hand.
  At the same time as literature, Lao Niu’s music reached its peak at the university. Since Lao Niu entered the school, no rats were seen in the cafeteria. Lao Niu also became the first living specimen of the research on noise pollution in the centuries since the establishment of the School of Physics.
  The above is just a brief introduction about some fragments of Lao Niu’s music career. Those who are interested in it and hope to have a better understanding can obtain more information from “Musician Lao Niu” and other works, which will not be repeated here.