The fat man Lewis, weighing 120 kg, has tried every possible means to lose weight over the years, but unfortunately it has no effect, he feels very distressed in his heart, and feels that life is not fun, looking for short-sightedness. Later, he heard from a friend that there was a Merlot weight loss center in the city, and the effect was extraordinary.
The center manager warmly received Lewis and said to him: Mr. Liu, we are fully confident to lose weight for you. Now please pay the money to the lady of finance, she will guide you how to do it. You can rest assured that if the purpose is not achieved in the future, we guarantee to refund the fee to you.
   Lewis was very happy and quickly went to pay. Sure enough, after receiving the payment, the finance lady said to him with a smile: Mr. Liu, please wait at home at 8 o’clock tomorrow morning. When the time comes, our center will have someone to guide you.
  At eight in the morning, someone knocked on Lewis’ door.
Hello, Mr. Liu. A slender young girl screamed at Lewis sulkingly. From today, I will run and you will chase. If you can catch me, I will marry you, okay? The girl said a sweet kiss to Lewis.
   Lewiston was ecstatic with a girl, and she was overwhelmed. So he agreed, and a chase started.
   On the first day, Lewis couldn’t run tens of meters and screamed that he couldn’t catch up; when he ran again the next day, he still couldn’t help himself, and he couldn’t catch up with the girl. So on the third day, the fourth day, the fifth day… after five full months of running, Lewis finally lost 50 kilograms. Now, he is as light as a swan, strong in body, handsome in appearance, and smart in expression. He thought sweetly: I will be able to catch up with that wonderful girl tomorrow, and she will become my wife by then! Lewis became happier the more he thought, and he didn’t fall asleep all night in excitement.
  At eight o’clock the next morning, the doorbell rang on time, but who knew that it was not the girl standing in front of Lewis, but a fat woman with more than 130 kilograms. The fat woman kissed Lewis for a while and said mellowly: The Melody Weight Loss Center told me that starting today, we will run together. As long as I can pursue you, you will become my husband. Come on, my beautiful boy.