“Husband, come on…” After saying this, Yunzhu couldn’t help crying on the end of the phone, Li Li suddenly panicked, in his impression, his wife has always been strong and optimistic This is the first time they have been crying in silence.

“What’s the matter?” Li Li settled and asked.

Yunzhu was crying over there, and finally came out two words: “Lele.”

“What’s wrong with Lele?” Li Li asked quickly that Lele was his only beloved son with Yunzhu. Although he and Yunzhu were the only children, they could have a second child, but considering the economic situation of the couple, they finally decided Lele one, concentrate all the superior resources to create the best life and future learning conditions for Lele. In this way, Lele became the heartbeat hammer of the two, and a little wind and grass will make both of them very nervous, so when Yunzhu had to work again, Li Li specially received his mother in the countryside. In the city, ask her to help take care of Lele. However, my mother is not very comfortable with the life in the city, so she only takes Lele to play near the community every day. Li Li and Yunzhu also agree with this. They think it is safe and there will be no trouble. .

“Lele, Lele him…” The wife reluctantly said a few words and burst into tears again.

At this moment, Li Liyin heard that his mother was crying with her wife, and she was really anxious, saying, “Where are you? I will come soon!”< br>

When Li Li rushed to the hospital where his wife was crying, she saw her son Li Lele in the morgue The cold corpse is gone, the son’s tiny body is bloody and fragmented, and a small angry face is full of pain, apparently suffered greatly before his death.

Li Li’s head hummed, and when he went out in the morning, his son was still alive and kicking, and he came to hug his legs to be “daddy kiss”. A cold corpse, and died so miserable, Li Li only felt that bursts of dizziness swept him. He hoped that this was just a terrible nightmare, but when he looked back, he cried and was exhausted, only bursts. Two women with convulsive mother and wife, Li Li repeatedly forced himself to calm down before he fainted on the spot.

“What the hell is going on?” Li Li walked over to support his mother’s shoulder and burst out a sentence.

The mother told the story intermittently. At 10 am, Lele clamored for her grandmother to take him to the store downstairs to buy bread. After buying bread, Le Le is eating and playing on the cement road between the 9th and 10th floors of the community. Because it is in the community, the mother did not follow too closely, only told Lele: “Don’t run around.”br>

The middle mother went upstairs to take a toy for Lele. Who knows, just when she went upstairs for a while, Lele had an accident. When she came downstairs again, she found that her grandson had fallen into the pool of blood, and the car tire parked nearby was stained with blood. Passers-by said that the driver hit the car. After the collision, the driver left. I opened it, and I don’t know where to go now.

“Run for him, it’s all bad for me…” Mommy complained while crying.

“He can’t run!” Yun Zhu hissed suddenly, “There are surveillance videos in the community! I know who hit Lele in one check.”