The first seven soul nights: Grandpa came back.
When I was a kid, I often heard my father and mother tell the same story.
This is how it happened. When I was 5 years old, my grandfather passed away. We were an old house in the countryside. The grandfather’s aquarium was originally a barn in the backyard. My impression is that the rats there are special There are so many, Grandpa tried his best to destroy the mice before he died, but it was not effective.
It’s true that Grandpa’s first seven nights, I couldn’t help but sleep first. My father, mother, and two uncles were on the vigil. The room we stayed with was my grandfather’s spirit. The room is only separated by a wall.
At about 11 o’clock in the night, my father and uncle were chatting. My mother suddenly heard the sound of slippers walking next door. My mother was terrified. She quickly called her father and uncle to be quiet. They all thought it was a mouse, but later, the more they heard it, the more it sounded, it was like the sound of grandpa pacing while smoking in the room before his death.
My mother was terrified: “Is the father-in-law coming back?”
My uncle boldly said, “Let’s go and see. If father comes back, what are you afraid of?”
A group of people When I walked to the door of my grandfather’s spiritual room, Uncle pushed open the door, and an incredible smell of hookah wafted from everyone unbelievably…
Uncle then knelt down: “Dad, you are back.” Is there no response?
There is only the candlelight floating in front of Grandpa’s Lingtai. Everyone incenses forward to Grandpa and says something to tell Grandpa to go. Don’t worry about the family and so on. Everyone returns to the room. Later that night, I no longer heard the sound of the class test.
Weird to say, since then, my grandfather has never had a rat in that house, weird.