When I was going to school in the county, my family was going to let me be a soldier. After my parents had this idea, instead of telling me first, I asked the fortune teller first. Based on my birthday, my husband calculated that I should at least be the leader. This makes my parents hope for me.
   At that time, I knew too little about being a group leader, so I thought it was a remarkable thing. First of all, I think that the regimental commander can command thousands of troops and is a great general. This is what I learned from the movies that I don’t see much. Furthermore, neighbor Yang Yang used to be a militia platoon leader. He often said that “county regiment level” means that if the regiment head returns to the place, he can become the county chief or county party secretary. The result of my further inference is: I may be written in the county records.
   How did this happen? So, when I first arrived in the army, I felt that I should do less of things that I don’t want to adjust. In case it gets recorded in the county records, wouldn’t it be tainted for years? Bad things that have to be done, or bad things that can’t be done for a while, Everything was covered up afterwards, no one told. But later, I failed to participate in the military school entrance examination twice, so I became less concerned about being a regiment leader. I can’t do anything that I can’t do. I thought it would be enough to hide the leadership for a while, and it’s no longer restricted to me.
   Can’t be an officer, it’s not a problem to be in the army, so he started to write a manuscript. At that time, I didn’t have a computer, and I always wrote on manuscript paper, and I wrote a pile of piles. I sorted it out and kept the revision process, that is, the first draft, the second draft, the third draft and the final draft of a certain draft. All stay well.
   At that time, there were two ideas: One is that there will be children in the future. Show them to children. It is a living teaching material for revolutionary tradition and inspirational education. Second, I will become a writer in the future and I can use it as a document.
   When leaving the army, it was really difficult to deal with those things. Just put my sister’s house first, she was in another army at the same station. I told her that when I went back to settle down, I took the documents away. But then it was too difficult to make a living and forgot about it. Last summer, I took my son to my sister’s house. The elder sister also pointed to the neat manuscript paper and said to my son: See how hard your dad wrote so much useless. I am extremely embarrassed. I said, forget it, some of them bought it for two cans.
   But suddenly, I found out that some friends around me had already started to publish the anthology. There was a guy who didn’t see the published work. As a result, he suddenly produced six volumes. Although he didn’t wait, he almost waited for the knee. Soon after, I found another fiercer one. The diary alone published eight or nine volumes, each of which was two inches thick. My first thought is: this is not too low-carbon.
   In order not to make the people who study me trouble, I have also made great efforts to keep a diary, once written very long, just like the protagonist monologue in the novel, but can not write it for a few days-because of laziness , I really can’t persevere, but I have developed the habit of remembering Lu Xun’s diary: write the diary as a bill. This bill is very useful now. Now that money is the same as the day, I accidentally found that there are not so many, and I don’t know how it is..
   In order to perfect ourselves, we can be a little scared and urge ourselves, but it is indeed a little ridiculous to keep shaping our body: just grab a beautiful piece of cloth and sew it on the body, and finally find that we are wearing a peach shirt.
   We are all ordinary people. Some people are awe-inspiring. Except that they did create “miracles”, the more reason is probably because they “dragon heads see the head but not the tail.” There are not so many relevant documents left for us. Humboldt probably said this: a writer should not always write documentary things. This is too playful and too mean, but quite thorough.