Before I knew you, I really didn’t find out that I had a problem with appearance.
  The population is heavy, and it is planned to ban Coke, instead of drinking acute syrup.
   Don’t always ask people why they don’t want to care about you and don’t want to talk to you, because you are too rare to take care of your reality? Do you believe it?
   I think all bears in the world are like bears.
   No doubt, I am the poor man in your dream.
   I saw a car on the road, and there were six words posted on the back of the car: I’m anxious to fly over.
   If you reason with him, he will play a rogue with you, if you play rogue with him, he will make a reason with you. Excuse me, who is he?
   Money is a blind medicine and has the effect of blatant blatantness.
  When I have money, let’s buy lollipops. Buy two, one for me and one for you.
  The hero does not ask the source, the rogue does not look at the age.
   Problems that can be solved with money are not problems, but the problem is that I am poor.
   There are no airtight walls, no beams that cannot be hung.
  Before it’s too late to get rid of flowers, he was pulled out.
   I am so heartbroken that it looks like dumplings.
  I am embarrassed to catch you, why are you so eager to steal?
  Life is like toilet paper, nothing is as little as possible!
  Let’s see you and your friends.
   Laugh when you are happy, and laugh later when you are not happy.
   So far, the earth is still under my feet.