Hot, Jackie Chan was lethargic. Woke up, it was already night.
   Suddenly, a city appeared, how could there be a city in the wilderness? It turned out that countless eyes were shining. Wow! So many lions and tigers, rushed over and bite!
  The black impermanence grunts, and the white impermanence says: “Don’t worry, it’s the antelope flock, there are flocks in the best.”
   “Why?” Jackie Chan asked.
   “The flock is there, indicating that no ferocious animals come around.”
   At this time, the moon rises from the dark clouds, Jackie Chan sees a group of African elephants, hundreds of giraffes, thousands of zebras, All came to the water source to drink water, the atmosphere was peaceful and peaceful, like the scene of Sakyamuni seeing a group of beasts coming to worship, it was spectacular.
   “Go back to the hotel.” Jackie Chan said.
  Bai Wuchang said: “Fortunately, there are beasts near the hotel, you can kill one at any time.”
   has seen the hotel, Jackie sees an eye, and asks Bai Wuchang for the double-barreled shotgun. Black impermanently waved his hands, and shouted in a grunt.
   “What did he say?” Jackie Chan asked.
   “Don’t kill this one.” The white housekeeper said, “That’s the cattle he raised.”