Before, my impression of the “poet” business was: long hair, neither love to wash face nor clothes, and was reticent. But recently, this impression has changed. It was because I was called to a party of “folk poets”. When I entered the house, I saw three bald heads. The friends of the poets I knew were also bald, and they warmly introduced to me: This is the poet XX, the poet XX sat down to eat, and there were two other people in the same room, one bald head and one bald head. If it weren’t for the “hard dishes” and “vodka” on the table, it would really make people think that this is not a gathering in poetry, but a Buddhist disciple exchanging experiences.
   I said: Why did everything become bald?
   They said: I don’t know why, one or two is gone. Everyone thinks it’s fashionable in the circle, and it’s all gone.
   As the only man here who is not bald, I cannot help feeling ashamed. They comforted me and said: Don’t be stressed, you are not a poet.
   Touching his head, knowing that he is not a poet, and then touching his chin, he realizes that he cannot be a director—especially the director of a television station. It is a well-known fact that the beard is prevalent in the trade, and it is written in the crosstalk. I remember once, when I went to a crew and saw a big beard, it was called “Director”, and the man hurriedly waved his hand: either or not, I was just set, and I was the one who gave you the “Yuba” later.
   There is also a business, objectively speaking, can not be defined as a profession, called “Donkey”. In that circle, it seems that there is such an image: people are tall and big, wearing large watches on the left hand, wearing beads on the right hand, driving off-road vehicles, drinking kung fu tea, chatting for more than half an hour, they will definitely tell you the heart and soul: “Brother, when I was my age, I realized that the most important thing for people to live is-simple.” Not only are they similar in appearance, but also the tone and content of the speech are similar, making a young reporter of a travel magazine always self-doubt: me Isn’t the idea too pure?
   He listened to the interviewees all day long about the true meaning of “simple”, but later he couldn’t stand it anymore, so he yelled at one of them: That’s because you can’t understand complicated things!
   The “Donkey” who had written a poem and had worked as a director touched his bald head and plucked his beard. He suddenly realized: Don’t say it, it really makes sense for you.
   It was this man who was scolded. After a while, he suddenly changed his shape—shaved his beard, put on his back-style wig, wore a suit, a silk scarf was hung around his neck, and a bridge was placed on his nose. Pair of flat glasses. Reporter friends asked curiously: Why did it change?
  He said: Since my brother has become a professional manager, he has to be a professional manager.
   In the past, when I watched a movie, I always felt that the pirates wore black eye masks and the gangsters had a one-stop styling design that was too model-based. Now it seems that model-based is also based on reality.