Can I cup often?

Postpartum women’s bodies are very weak. Once improper or inadequate care occurs, congenital diseases will fall. With our second half of life, scraping and cupping are two of the more common Chinese medicines. This kind of health treatment has a great effect on human health. So, can cupping be done frequently?

Vacuum cupping negative pressure is relatively large, if pulled every day, it may cause damage to the body’s vitality. The time between two cupping is preferably about a week apart. Chinese medicine believes that cupping treatment will also consume gas. Too much pulling and too frequent will lose popularity and make people feel tired. It is best to cup or scrape after 6 months to 1 year after delivery. Good health can be half a year, and the constitution is weak. After recovery, there is no recovery. It is best not to scrape or cupping, which is harmful to the body.

After cupping, it is best to wait for the color of the purple and red lights at the cupping area to subside before performing the second cupping treatment. After cupping, skin care should be done, pay attention to avoid wind and cold, pay attention to keep warm, you can properly take warm boiled water. After cupping, the skin may be damaged to a certain extent, so do not take a bath immediately after cupping to avoid skin infection.

Appropriate cupping is possible, but pulling out blood and phlegm also consumes the body’s true energy, so it will cause some people to become more and more virtual. If it is overdose or often treated in this way, it will be counterproductive, so it is best to wait until the body recovers before cupping.