How to shorten menstrual time< /span>

Every woman’s age reaches a certain stage, menstruation will come, this is a normal physiological phenomenon, through women’s menstrual volume and The color of menstruation can tell whether a woman’s body is healthy. There are some women in life who have too long periods of menstruation, and so on, so how to shorten the period?

The amount of menstruation and menstrual period represent the health of a woman. When a woman has a long period of menstruation, or is accompanied by dripping conditions, it may be caused by endometritis. Such a situation needs to be paid attention to. Go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment in time. After the diagnosis is confirmed, timely and effective treatment , You can improve the menstrual period.

There are many gynecological diseases that prolong the menstrual period of women. Women who have more than ten days of menstruation have to go to the hospital in time for examination. If you want to shorten your menstrual period, you can take progesterone to improve it. Progesterone is an important substance in the female body. It has an endocrine regulating effect and can be taken under the guidance of a doctor.

It is unhealthy for menstrual periods to be too short or too long, so you need to observe your menstrual changes during the period. When there is an abnormal menstruation, you should go to the hospital for examination in time. After the cause is clear, you need to be treated in time to avoid the disease becoming serious.