Recruitment does not seem to be business, but it is actually a competition.

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Everyone is really very anxious during this time. Many companies don’t have enough surplus food. Everyone should tighten their belts.

And what is interesting is that during this time, ByteDance is still recruiting people on a large scale, claiming that it will reach 100,000 people this year, an increase of 40,000, which is nearly doubled compared to the current.

This large scale refers not only to the number of recruitment needs, but also the range of positions.

In recent years, ByteDance likes to recruit in large numbers around the world, not only from overseas to domestic, but also from domestic to overseas business, or recruit local people for overseas business.

If we only talk about the number of recruitments, ByteDance should be regarded as the most aggressive company at the moment.

And the recruitment path is very wild. As the saying goes, as long as the hoe dances well, there is no corner to dig. It has recently been overseas, byte beating has even become Facebook, and the best choice for Google and Amazon employees to change jobs is called Silicon Valley mining. Machine, Offer touchstone.

Recently, they just dug up former Disney executives, and Mickey Mouse shouted at the insider.

A company that doesn’t seem to need so many people is recruiting wildly. This is a very unusual thing.

Behind all unexpected phenomena, there must be a rational core.

There are three reasons for a company’s massive recruitment.

  • The first one is rich.

  • The second is business needs.

  • The third one is the business that has personnel needs to make money.

Only under this premise, this company needs to recruit people, and even recruit excess, to make room for business growth.

After all, even if people are recruited, it takes time to get started and run in.

Most of the time, the battle does not work quickly.

Byte Beat is one such company, with many businesses hidden under the water.

On the water are headlines and vibrato.

Underwater are watermelon videos, flying books, TikTok who understands Chedi and even overseas.

TikTok’s current recruitment efforts are impressive worldwide. In addition to TikTok, ByteDance also has recruitment needs for game distribution and music products overseas.

Not only technology talents, because byte beating involves many fields, many products will have subdivided recruitment needs.

For example, knowing Chedi, this product as a car portal, in addition to traditional product operations and technical personnel, it also requires a large number of employees in the automotive professional field.

For example, Douyin makes live broadcasts and plans to involve itself in e-commerce, which requires a large number of professionals.

For example, the popular screenings in the field of editing apps, the Pipi shrimp, which is very active in the field of funny videos, and the development of ferocious flying books.

For example, the game department, game production is a very labor-intensive industry, each 3A is a bottomless hole of capital and manpower.

Besides the development of these businesses, in addition to business and technology, a large number of support staff are needed. HR, finance, legal affairs and commercialization are all lacking.

And considering the amount of advancement of talents, the 100,000 well-run employees should correspond to the business goal of 2021.

This is indeed an enviable distress.


The company is continuously recruiting a large number of people. The concept is different from recruiting XX people at once.

The former means that there is still a lot of business growing.

It’s not strange to recruit people. Reorganization of departments, division of business, and development of new products may all result in temporary need for a large number of people.

But long-term continuous recruitment is another concept, because in this era, it is very difficult to do growth.

The domestic market has long become a stock market. After a few years of fighting between traffic and the giants of various race tracks, investors’ money was burned, and those cakes that could be dug out were also used by major companies. The factory divided the Chuhe Han boundary.

There is almost no blank market for expansion, and every profit increase in the domestic market means direct conflict with other giants.

If I take one more bite, you will take one less bite.

Everyone smiles on the surface and MMP in their hearts.

But in fact, it is not necessary for a company to fight in the blood of domestic traffic.

If the products are competitive enough and lethal enough, then the global market is a better choice.

In the category of overseas business, ByteDance is indeed an incremental market.

TikTokThe overseas business led by the United States, Japan, India and Brazil beat local companies, and there are many businesses that are not well-known in the country but do well abroad-Helo and so on.

Besides, ByteDance will also recruit a large number of locals locally.

These locals are not only naturally familiar with the local market environment, but also using locals to manage local business and setting up regional offices will make it easier for the business to integrate into the local culture.

It doesn’t really matter who you use, it’s the most important thing to make money.

People have cultural differences, but no money.

Of course, this cost will be high, but it is a small thing to smash money. When most people have not responded, it is a big deal to seize the track and let the opponents have no way to go.


Another important reason for recruiting people is that many businesses of ByteDance are independent.

Although the most famous products of ByteDance are all information distribution platforms, in addition to information, it also does games, education, and even some to B business.

There are many Internet companies involved in a large number of tracks at the same time, but most of them are relatively scumbags. Each track rubs, but just does not go in.

The cross-border model of these companies is mainly resource integration, providing their original resources to other platforms, and completing penetration into multiple fields in a cooperative mode.

This is normal, even this model is the one with the lowest risk and the highest return, and can be said to be a model of low investment and high return.

After all, each of these tracks is an independent field. It is very difficult to complete independently. It is not difficult to build a complete framework from scratch.

So it is definitely the most cost-effective to choose to cooperate with a mature business line in the field.

And if you use this model to cross the border, there are not many people in need, and there will not be too much recruitment needs.

The reason why byte bounce needs to recruit so many people is because you have to do it yourself.

For example, other Internet companies do education, most of which are platforms for traffic, and then cooperate with mature educational institutions.

But Byte is amazing. It recruited many teachers directly from the company to train its own teaching team.

The opening of the mouth requires long-term investment.

The bow did not look back.

Like when a cook cooks a bar, he starts with wheat.

It can also be said that it is hugely ambitious.


Whether you like or hate this company, an undeniable point is that byte beating has developed too fast.

It’s almost beyond everyone’s imagination.

As soon as the number of people does not match their body size.

Corporate people with similar size to ByteDanceThe numbers are in the 100,000 level.

But byte beating currently has only 60,000 people.

Compared with Juchang, the stage where the byte is beating has been set up, but there are very few people who sing opera.

But this is not necessarily a bad thing, because it means huge imagination.

Many large factories are very difficult to enter. The main reason is that although they are large, they have been occupied for a long time, and many positions have been occupied. It is difficult for newcomers to integrate into them even if they have the ability, because some departments have actually one. The radish has a pit.

A company’s business line is limited, and the jobs it can provide are also limited.

Even if it is a big factory, if a department does not have a large-scale expansion plan, in fact, not many new people are needed.

But unlike these companies, ByteDance’s recruitment is not to fill in vacancies.

For it, the current situation is a small horse-drawn cart, and the number of people cannot keep up with the growth of the company’s size and influence.

Recruiting people has become a very urgent and realistic thing.

And a very realistic thing is that the talents at this stage are very cost-effective.

Danger and opportunity are two sides in one.


If the business possibilities are mentioned, byte boss Zhang Yiming’s concept of talents may be one of the reasons for crazy recruitment.

The point of view of traditional enterprises is that I have a business and need a puzzle, so I only need to recruit this puzzle, because it is only a puzzle, so it is not very important to go faster and slower.

And in Zhang Yiming’s concept, what you used to do is not important, what is important is what kind of person you are, what you can bring in the future after you are recruited.

If you can increase the business after you come, then why not prepare a business for you.

For example, the fact that the byte bounced some time ago to recruit executives from Disney is actually a bit fascinating.

An internet technology company, why did it recruit a senior executive from the entertainment industry?

But for ByteDance, in fact recruiting this Disney executive as COO, the most important thing is its personal characteristics and the increase in business.

For byte-beating overseas business lines, what is needed now is not just technically strong talents, but management talents who can integrate into the local cultural background. From this perspective, this former Disney executive is very in line with Claim.

In the first five months of this year, ByteDance recruited six senior executives from major Internet companies such as Facebook and Google, based on diversified standards for dedicated individuals.

These people don’t need to know anything about the country, they don’t need to come to the country to work, what they need is to be able to bring byte bounce.

A diversified recruitment standard can alsoThe core factor enough to recruit more talents.

Actually, if you follow the general standards of recruitment by many Internet companies, the current head of Douyin and headline may not even enter the threshold of byte bounce.

But now these two products are the core business of ByteDance.

For this matter, Zhang Yiming also publicly discussed the byte-beating HR, because there was a standard when recruiting PM at that time:

More than five years of experience in Internet products, and experience in product planning and iterative implementation of daily live orders of tens of millions or more.

Zhang Yiming told HR in person:

“According to this requirement, Chen Lin and Zhang Nan, a large number of PMs in our company, can’t get in either, not even myself. Don’t say tens of millions of DAU products. Before they joined, even millions, Not even one hundred thousand DAU products have been made.”

This is the truth, but there are not many bosses who say this directly in China.


Reserving talents is like storing winter food. No matter whether there is a need or not, there is no shortage of people. In fact, you can recruit people.

Because the cost of opening a salary is more controllable than the value that a potentially talented person can create and the value that prevents him from going to competitors.

Capital never loses money.

In other words, as long as you can afford and use it, you can move to death.

Talent is essentially a scarce resource that cannot be copied.

Excellent talents are not leeks, which will be found immediately after a crop is cut, but high-cost, low-probability species that require a lot of time to cultivate.

So when possible, recruiting the best people is the best solution for an enterprise.

When I eat it, others will not be able to eat it.

After recruiting, even if it is temporarily unavailable, it at least eliminates the possibility of competitors using it.

Business is very realistic-recruiting talents that opponents want to recruit, running the track that the opponent wants to run, weakening the opponent, in fact, it is strengthening itself.

When your business develops to a certain extent, using your own superior resources (capital + business vacancies) to suppress the resources of potential opponents is a high-dimensional means of competition.

Recruiting this thing does not seem to be business, but it is actually a competition.

You can even determine the outcome of the competition.

Business has always been so cruel and realistic.

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