Sunshine, lawn and swimming pool

The pet care process involves four links: health, care, medical treatment and burial. Pet owners may face various problems such as “unreliable purchase channels”, “difficult travel with pets”, “expensive pets to see a doctor”, and “not understanding how to train” at different stages.

The recently contacted project “Aidou Pet” was established in 2017 and currently has a 5000-square-meter pet base in Hangzhou. Its main business is to provide pet owners with training, foster care, play and other services. In addition, the team is extending services based on the pet base to “health, raising, medical, burial” and other links, the goal is a one-stop service platform.

“Aidou Pet” benchmarks petco, a large American pet chain chain that covers pet services, medical services, training, and care.

In China, the previously reported Extreme Home opened a pet park of 4,200 square meters in Nanjing last year and was awarded New Ruipeng Group’s strategic financing of 500 million yuan. Its business includes cat and dog living adoption, washing and grooming, pet fostering and other formats; pet hotel fostering entertainment brand Taidao, providing high-end and high-end Pet foster care and additional services such as grooming, SPA, fresh food, swimming, training, etc.

(picture from Aidou pet)

Sun Shibin, the founder of “Aidou Pets,” introduced that most pet foster care services currently exist in the form of pet stores. Pets are kept in cages or kennels. They are characterized by small, scattered, chaotic, and lack of large chain brands. The pets represented by dogs are outdoor animals. They like to run and need sunlight and lawn.

Following the link of “breeding”, “Love Bean Pet” designed a paradise-type base, in which the lawn covers 2000 square meters, the running cage covers 500 square meters, and there are water sports areas. In addition, after the dog’s foster care is over, the base will provide value-added services such as extra care and swimming training. The training session is divided into foster trainingThere are two kinds of on-site training, the on-site training service charges about 300 yuan/hour, and the unit price of foster training is about 5,000 yuan/month. At present, in the pet base business of “Aidou Pet”, training consulting accounted for about 52%, foster care accounted for 32%, and nursing care accounted for about 10%.

In addition to foster care services, “Aidou Pet” is being extended to other chain links. The first attempt is pet live breeding and trading services. The problem with live transactions is that there is poor information in the transaction, and consumers may encounter inconsistencies between the physical and the description during the online purchase process. In recent years, the phenomenon of pets getting sick or dying within a short period of time has also occurred frequently.

“Aidou Pet” cooperates with the upstream breeding bases to develop pet free-range areas in their own bases. Offline pet shop channels or C-end customers select online. After purchase, pets are sent to the base for professional free-range rearing, and after the observation period, they are sent to the customer’s home. Another form is that pet breeding bases store pets in “Aidou pets” for sale. Local pet shops and consumers pick them at the base site to reduce transaction costs. The service chain of the base was extended.

(Picture from Aidou Pet)

The park-type base covers a large area, how to solve the cost problem?

Sun Shibin said that two months after the opening of the Hangzhou base, the balance of payments has been achieved. Similar attractions in the paradise have a large service radius and can radiate to two or three hundred kilometers around. As long as it is convenient for consumers to reach by car, the geographical location requirements are relatively low, and they are generally located in the suburbs of the city. The base business can be gradually built up, and there is no need to assemble the personnel at the beginning, two or three people can support the operation of the park first.

Compared with geographical location, what is more important is online publicity and word-of-mouth construction. The team initially obtained initial users mainly through Baidu promotion, friends circle advertisements, and public comments, and then gained increments through new customers or community operations. At present, the base has more than 2,000 paying users, with a unit price of about 1,000 yuan, and 237 cooperative merchants in Hangzhou.

The main problem facing the team is the lack of talent. Pet training requires professionals, but oneIn terms of schools, there is no special curriculum training system. On the other hand, society’s recognition of this new type of occupation is still very low. “Aidou Pet” has established a set of apprentice training mechanism, including theoretical professors and base practice training, to reserve talents for business expansion.

Sun Shibin believes that pet services such as purchase, foster care and training are important services, and the unit price of customers is relatively high. After pet owners spend thousands of dollars to purchase, if they are satisfied with the service, they will form a strong trust in the brand and the customer stickiness will be high.

On this basis, the team next wants to try to build an online shopping mall and service platform, increase the form of pet car to meet the pet owner’s pet travel problems; improve on-site care, training, feeding, dog walking and other services, and Build response mechanisms such as mild online consultation and hospital intervention in severe cases; expand service categories such as farewell pet, pet cremation, pet purpose, etc.