Can I wash my teeth often

Teeth washing can remove the calculus and tartar on the teeth, which is a great guarantee for oral health. There are many people who smoke regularly or do not pay attention to dental hygiene, resulting in dark yellow teeth, which can be improved after washing the teeth. Can I wash my teeth often?

Teeth washing is good for oral health, but it has both advantages and disadvantages. There are many benefits of washing teeth, but if you wash your teeth too often, it’s beyond your teeth’s adaptation Cycle, then it may be counterproductive. If there are no special circumstances, it is recommended to wash your teeth once a year. If the oral hygiene is poor, then it is recommended to clean once every six months, not too often.

Generally, it takes half an hour to an hour to wash your teeth. You must wash your teeth thoroughly instead of simply cleaning the tartar on the surface. This will not prevent dental diseases. If you do not do it properly when you wash your teeth, it will cause damage to the gum roots, it is easy to aggravate the dental disease, damage the health of the teeth, and may also cause infection. Therefore, you must go to a regular hospital for washing your teeth to be safer.

After washing the teeth, the teeth will feel sore to the cold and hot. The symptoms are temporary and will gradually disappear after about a week. Do not touch food that is too cold or too hot after washing your teeth. You can choose to brush your teeth with anti-sensitive toothpaste. The condition of your teeth will improve after a month.