On June 29, at the 2020 China (Shanghai) Free Trade Zone Lingang New Area Semiconductor Industry Development Summit Forum, Weng Kaining, Vice President of Shanghai Lingang Economic Development Group Co., Ltd. stated that the total number of chip manufacturing projects in Lingang New Area With an investment of over 160 billion yuan, the new area will take the opportunity of building “Dongfang Xingang” to build a national integrated circuit industrial base with a full category and a complete industrial chain.

Since the listing on August 20, 2019, the Lingang New Area has signed a total of 289 various industrial projects, involving a total investment of 252.8 billion yuan. Among them, regardless of the number of landing enterprises or the scale of investment, the integrated circuit industry ranks first.

At present, the number of integrated circuit enterprises in the new area accounts for one quarter, and the investment amount exceeds half. Zhang Jie, senior commissioner of the Lingang New Area Management Committee, said on the same day that the investment scale of the integrated circuit industry in the Lingang New Area will exceed 200 billion yuan during the 14th Five-Year Plan period.

In the industrial layout of Lingang New Area, integrated circuits inherit artificial intelligence, unmanned driving and other research fields, and then connect intelligent equipment, new energy vehicles, aerospace, etc. The manufacturing field is a vital part of the industrial layout.

The new Lingang area focuses on the key links in the industrial chain of integrated circuit design, manufacturing, packaging and testing, materials, etc., and advances the development of smart chips, embedded flash memory, analog and power devices, Advanced digital-analog hybrid circuits and other industries.

Weng Kaining said that the new area has gathered Xinsheng Semiconductor, Jetta Semiconductor, Shengmei Semiconductor, National Microelectronics, Applied Materials, Min Ai, Gekewei Waiting for a batch of high-quality integrated circuit enterprises to strive to build the “third pole” of the development of Shanghai’s integrated circuit industry.

And “Dongfang Xingang” is currently the most vigorous growth pole and the most powerful engine in the Lingang New Area to build an integrated circuit professional park. “We will take the opportunity of building “Dongfang Xingang” to make every effort to build a national integrated circuit industrial base with a full category and a complete industrial chain. Weng Kaining said.

At present, in the chip manufacturing plant in the new area of ​​Lingang, the total investment of chip manufacturing projects exceeds 160 billion yuan, reaching 166.7 billion yuan. Among them, Jetta Semiconductor with a total investment of 35.9 billion yuan has been trial-produced, and the Geke Micro CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) plant with a total investment of 15 billion yuan started construction in the second quarter.

Tuhong memory chip project with a total investment of 35 billion yuan, total investmentA new micro-semiconductor third-generation compound semiconductor manufacturing platform project with an investment of 8 billion yuan and a National Science Micro Solid-State Drive project with a total investment of 1 billion yuan have been signed. In addition, SMIC’s 7-nanometer process plant with a total investment of 70 billion yuan and the Wentai Anshi advanced packaging and testing platform project with a total investment of 1.8 billion yuan are about to land.

In the field of integrated circuit equipment and materials, “The second phase of Xinsheng Semiconductor Large Silicon Wafer is about to be launched, the micro-etching machine, Shengmei Semiconductor cleaning equipment, ideal Wanlihui PECVD Projects, China Resources Microlight Mask, Shandong Tianyue Silicon Carbide Materials and other projects have already been implemented.” Weng Kaining said that he will also actively promote the application of materials, DuPont photoresist and other projects.

In the field of integrated circuit design, Cambrian, National Science EDA, Aojie, Horizon, Orange Branch, Kunyou Optoelectronics and other industry leaders have formed agglomeration .

Weng Kaining said that the next step will be to promote the construction of various large-scale manufacturing plant projects, continue to gather various types of packaging, testing and design companies, and make good use of the integrated circuit of Yangshan Special Free Trade Zone The whole-process bonded supervision policy for imported materials explores the “industrial research + design + manufacturing + packaging and testing” bonded model of the entire industry chain.