Ling Ling, a seven-year-old girl living in Xiaoyue Garden of Lugou Bridge, loves puppies very much and dreams of having her own white puppy.

One day, Lingling met an old grandpa with a white beard. The grandfather said: “I can give you a snow-white black-tail puppy, but you must remember that you must not drag its black tail when you are alone with it. Otherwise, there will be very, very terrible Something happened.”

Lingling nodded obediently: “I promise!”

So, the little girl Lingling owns one other than the tail All over the body are puppies with white hair.

Ling Ling likes this puppy very much and often plays happily with the puppy. However, Grandpa White Beard’s words rang from time to time in her ears: “Must remember, don’t drag its black tail when you are alone with it. Otherwise, very, very terrible things will happen.”

What very terrible things will happen? Lingling wanted to try it for herself, and this desire grew stronger and stronger in her heart.

One day, when Lingling was alone with the white dog again, she slowly reached out and grabbed its black tail. The puppy screamed loudly. A strange feeling attacked Lingling. She felt her arm pulling the dog’s tail numbly. When she looked down, a strange thing happened. When she saw her arm, she suddenly grew a lot of white hair. In just a blink of an eye, her whole body grew white hair…

The puppy suddenly disappeared. Where did it go?

Lingling was looking around in the house. When she came to the dressing mirror, she was taken aback because she saw the little white dog standing in the dressing mirror.

How could it be in the mirror?

Lingling looked down at herself, God, she turned into a little white dog with a black tail.

At this time, someone knocked on the door. It must be that Mom and Dad came back. Lingling wanted to open the door for Mom and Dad, but her feet were stuck on the floor and could not move. She heard the door open, and a little girl said, “Daddy and Mom welcome you home!”

Soon, Lingling saw Mom and Dad and a little girl standing in front of herself, that The little girl looks exactly like her own. She also makes faces at herself!

Ling Ling wanted to explain to her mom and dad, but she said: Wang Wang, Wang Wang, Wang Wang Wang…

Some taboos in life, yes Never offend, especially for underage girls.