Xiao Yuan likes her female colleague Xiao Zhou, but Xiao Yuan is already married.

Xiao Yuan can’t chase Xiao Zhou, but can only fall in love with her heart. When having sex with his wife, he fantasizes that the woman under him is Xiao Zhou.

Once, Xiao Yuan saw that Xiao Zhou was going to the women’s toilet, and suddenly he got a good idea, and then went to the men’s toilet.

The men’s and women’s toilets in the unit are only separated by a wall, and the top of the wall is not completely partitioned. Xiao Yuan, who was squatting in the toilet, clearly heard Xiao Zhou in Xiaojie, and his voice was sweet, like a spring of water.

Xiao Yuan felt relaxed and happy, as if she saw Xiao Zhou’s most privacy, saw her favorite girl undress broadband, saw her white thighs and plump beautiful hips… Every time I see Xiao Zhou going to the women’s toilet, Xiao Yuan will immediately go to the men’s toilet just to listen to Xiao Zhou’s pleasant spring sounds!

One night, two people work overtime at the same time, Xiao Yuan starts to feel like a horse, like a drug addict committing a drug addiction, always paying attention to the small week apart from him Movements. Finally, Xiao Zhou got up from his seat and went out of the office door. Xiao Yuan immediately stood up. He saw Xiao Zhou’s back swaying in front of the women’s toilet door. He was ecstatic and hurried to the men’s toilet.

However, for a while, there was no sound of spring water dingdong coming next door. Xiao Yuan felt very puzzled and inadvertently lowered his face to look under the urinal he was squatting. He suddenly found that in the deep urinal, Xiao Zhou was looking at his belly with a sly face. Xiao Yuan was taken aback and shouted, but it was too late. Xiao Zhou’s face suddenly turned into a big bag like a snake’s mouth, and suddenly protruded from under the urinal, directly covering Xiao Yuan’s head.

Xiao Yuan shouted in front of him, but he shouted desperately, but his voice could not be heard as if it were in the drum.

Xiao Yuan felt that his body had been swallowed a little bit by the snake mouth and melted…