After Niu Wu was laid off, he bought a Jialing motorcycle, worked at the subway station, and became a motorcycle driver.

This is outside the Fifth Ring Road. There is still a long distance from the subway station exit to the Tiantongyuan community, and there is no suitable bus. Therefore, people often choose to ride light and flexible.

Niuwu has an unspeakable hobby and likes beautiful legs. When idle, it’s not enough to stare at the beautiful legs of beautiful women. In his small drawer, he also carried his wife, hiding the beautiful legs of many female stars. When pulling live, Niu Wu paid special attention to female passengers. When he had beautiful legs, he would rather charge two less and pull.

One day, Niu Wu met a woman whose face could only be regarded as medium. If he scored up to 90 points, the woman’s legs were the beautiful legs that Niu Wu had seen. The most beautiful, slender, white and sexy. Niu Wu looked at it for the first time and would never forget it again.

Since then, every day Niu Wu looks forward to seeing those beautiful legs. Seeing the woman coming out of the subway station, Niu Wu was the first to meet him: “Miss, from Mobi, you can just give me some money.”

Several rides of Niu Wu In Morocco, the woman is aware of Niu Wu. On a dark night, the woman once again sat on Niu Wu’s motorcycle. The woman asked softly, “Does your brother like my beautiful legs?”

Niu Wu didn’t expect the woman to ask such a direct question, but he smirked and said: “Yes, Yes!”

The woman smiled lightly: “Brother really likes it, I’ll give you one.” He said with a quack, he even removed one of his jade legs, Throw it into Niu Wu’s arms.

“Ghost, ghost!” Niu Wu shouted in fright and fell to the ground.

The woman giggled and laughed like a silver bell: “Brother, where is the ghost, my leg is Ann’s prosthesis!”