That day, I went to the cinema to watch a horror movie at midnight.

I have to say that nowadays horror movies are becoming less and less scary, so I have to choose to watch at midnight, a time that can increase the atmosphere of horror.

The horror movie started to show. Facing one horror picture after another, I have a feeling that I can’t help but want to laugh. I am a qualified and educated person. In order not to affect other audiences, I tried to hold myself back. I strangled all the laughing cells on my body before they broke out.

At this time, a silver bell-like laughter suddenly came from my ear, turned around and looked back, and a charming woman was sitting in my back row. Female audience, her slender jade fingers pointing at the screen showing the horror movie, her white teeth were all exposed.

——Someone feels the same as me, watching horror movies feels like watching laughter comedy.

Unexpectedly, the female audience’s laughter did not fall, and a stormy laughter followed in the theater.

I finally couldn’t help but join the ranks of laughter, ha ha ha, ha ha ha… I laughed so much that I covered my stomach with my hands and laughed sorely. Countless audiences even laughed and slid off the seats, rolling straight on the ground.

Suddenly, the headlights of the theater were turned on, and the light in the theater was like daylight.

The laughter of the cinema stopped abruptly.

A man screamed loudly at the gate: “Who is laughing? The theater has been closed for a long time. Who is still mad here?”

I looked up and found out that I was sitting alone in the empty movie theater.