In the past few years, many people knew that there were many street prostitutes near Datun, not far north of the Asian Games Village in Beijing. At that time, Datun was still a village in the city. In addition to the local Beijing natives, there are all kinds of people from all over the world. Every night after 90 o’clock, driving or taking a bus from Datun Road, often see some sexy and smeared Qinglou women standing behind the trees or behind the sign lights. Some people who drive passed this place and then stopped to negotiate the price with the prostitute. After the negotiation, the prostitute stepped on the car and went to the car… For this reason, there is also a famous paragraph on the Internet. A peasant worker went to find a prostitute, and the prostitute told him the current market situation, five yuan on the grass, ten yuan on the park chair, and fifty yuan on the bed. The migrant worker did not say anything, and took a fifty yuan out of his pocket. The prostitute said with great joy: “The boss’s brother is so rich, is he a real estate developer?!” The migrant monkey said anxiously: “Less fucking, on the grass , Ten times.”

Wei Dabao lived in Datun Village for a while in 2003.

Wei Dabao originally lived near the Princess Tomb of the West Third Ring Road. Later, his unit moved outside the North Fifth Ring Road. From the Princess Tomb to the North Five Tomb, it took an hour and a half to ride a bicycle. Wei Dabao doesn’t like to take the bus. He doesn’t smell the strange smell of gasoline and human flesh on the bus. So, Yu Jian moved and rented a 15-square-meter house in Datun Village.

Wei Dabao has heard of the prostitutes in Datun Duozhan Street more than once. At that time, Wei Dabao was 27 years old, and he was not married. It was the age when he was full of energy and nowhere to vent. Since moving to Datun Village, Wei Dabao went to work during the day and had nothing to do with dinner. There was some kind of turmoil in his body, so he quietly left the door of the rented house and went to Datun Road to see the “landscape” .

Where are there prostitutes? This kind of thing cannot be asked casually. Wei Dabao wants to personally inspect. As expected, Wei Dabao saw prostitutes standing on the street on both sides of the street, especially behind thick trees. Wei Dabao felt that the rank of street prostitutes was too low. As long as the money was given, migrant workers could sleep. Migrant workers do not take a bath for a year and a half, they are dirty and smelly, and the prostitute who slept with them, he can’t sleep again. Fortunately, Wei Dabao is also a quasi-white-collar worker in the city. Here, even prostitutes need to find someone who matches his level.

This evening, Wei Dabao saw a beautiful hair salon on Datun Street. The janitor’s face is very stylish, the customers should be middle-income upwards. Wei Dading’s hair hasn’t been trimmed for a long time. The director of the female office of the unit has also kindly advised him to pay attention to the image. The hair should not grow like a rogue. So, Wei Dabao decided to cut his hair, so he went sideways.