The famous Olympic building, the Bird’s Nest, is on the central axis road outside the North Fifth Ring Road, next to the Asian Games Village, and it is four or five hundred meters west from Huizhongli. After the bird’s nest was built, I visited it once, and once on the day of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games.

On this day, I went to the nest to watch the game again. Although I am a girl, I prefer to watch various sports, swimming, diving, men’s 100-meter race, badminton, basketball, etc. I am a big fan of the Chinese women’s volleyball team. As long as there are their games, I must watch every game. If I can watch it on the spot, I will go to the spot. If I can’t go to the site, I will watch live TV.

I watched the match between the Chinese women’s volleyball team and the US team.

On the left side of my seat is a somewhat rude Beijing man with a national flag painted on his face and a red cloth on his head, like a member of the Death Squad. On my right is an empty space, and a thin boy sits across the empty space.

The competition was very fierce, and the audience was filled with passion. Everyone sang “Chong Chong Rose”, singing a row of mountains and seas, and the momentum was like a rainbow. The Beijing master was so excited that he threw a kiss at the game.

The boy across the empty seat is not excited at all, and has been sitting there watching quietly. When the women’s volleyball team played a beautiful counterattack, he also just waved a small red flag in his left hand.

That position is always empty!

Who bought the tickets instead of watching? !

I think that the empty position may be better for viewing, so I sat down as soon as I could.

A very strange thing happened suddenly. When I sat down, I felt a little strange in my abdomen and hurried to the bathroom.

There are many people going to the women’s bathroom, and we have to wait in line.

Behind me was a girl with a pretty face but a slightly pale complexion. She turned her head to look at me: “Sister, you have come to the bathroom too.”

I smiled politely and nodded, but wondered in my heart, we never seemed to meet. I asked: “Do we know?”

The girl smiled and said, “Let’s sit together.”

“Sit together?” “I’m even more confused. On my left is the passionate Beijing man. On the right is an empty space. Next to the empty space is a boy with no passion and holding a red flag.

“I’m sitting on your right, the boy holding the red flag is my boyfriend.” the girl said seriously.

Obviously that position is empty!