When I went to Yabaolu and watched my friends come out, it was already very late.

I am going to take a taxi home. But after waiting for a long time, I didn’t see a taxi.

At this time, a little girl came out of the shadow, a lonely person, looking like she was only five or six years old. The eyes are large, the skin is very white, and the hair is very dark. She came straight to me.

“Uncle, I want to eat ice cream!” I find it strange that she doesn’t know me, why did you ask me to ice cream? !

I asked: “How about your father and mother?”

She blinked her eyes and said, “Daddy drove in a taxi and his mother was at home.” Playing mahjong. Mother’s luck is bad, she gets angry and scolds me.”

I said, “Why are you out alone? You are not afraid so late Is it?”

She said, “I want to eat ice cream.”

My heart suddenly softened and took the little girl’s hand Say: “Go, uncle takes you to buy Bingqilin.”

The little girl’s hands are cold.

There is a small food store not far from the road, with lights on. The little girl came to the door and stopped, as if she did not want to go in. I went alone to buy a big ice cream and took it out to the little girl.

“Thank you uncle!” The little girl greedily took a big bite, making her mouth full of white ice cream cake.

I said, “You’re welcome, uncle will take you home.”

The little girl led me forward and walked for about two or three Hundred meters, in front of a big corner, around a half-decay wall, a large demolition of old houses appeared, most of which have collapsed, and only one house is still there alone.

“Goodbye, uncle!” The little girl released my hand and walked towards the ruins.

I am a little dazed, why is her family living here? Does anyone else live in this place?

At this time, a car horn sounded behind me, and I turned my head and found a taxi approaching me.