There are many legends about the crossroads, saying that the crossroads lead to two worlds: one is the world and the other is the world.

The story starts with this rumor:

It was a small village closed to the outside world many years ago. The village was peaceful and peaceful. Happiness and peace, a world longing for that.

No matter how happy it is, it also avoids it. This village regards the god as its father and is quite a feudal letter.

The dead are buried, because they say that life should respect death, let them leave cleanly and completely. If burial, the soil will dirty their bodies, it is defiled souls, it is really disrespectful; if cremation, the body is incomplete, it is not good for the dead; after a long study, only burial is the most suitable.

It can be used, but it is not a long-term method after all.

After all, corpses are floating for a long time, they will smell and rot, which pollutes the environment.

So, a young man proposed to the elderly and prestigious elders the method of demolishing burials.

At that time, the old people were very feudal. They could not tolerate the question of the village system, which was a great disrespect for the gods.

Youth is also an anxious man. The old anger makes him unable to lose face. He always let him admit his mistakes, and angry that he insisted that he was right, he firmly refused to admit his mistakes, and threatened that the burial would harm the village. Yes, if the burial continues for a long time, it will have an impact on the environment of the village.

Who can say that the elders must be just?

The elders in this village are solipsists.

The elders imprisoned the young. In the jail, they suffered all kinds of very tolerable torture. The young still clenched his teeth and insisted that he was right.

There are more and more rumors outside. Most of them say that such a system of burial is not feasible. The system should be changed. Whether it is cremation or burial, it is a better method than burial.

Several elders in the village discussed together and came to the unanimous conclusion that the culprit was that young man who didn’t know how high and thick, he was the culprit, as long as he disappeared, The villagers will not discuss this issue anymore.

So, in that village, all the villagers gathered together. Witnessing a cruel fire, the victim was the young man.