I am now a person who is running fast and I was born and raised in the mountains. After spending so many years in the countryside, I have naturally been exposed to many things. Now let me tell you a smile. To be honest, the people in the mountain area believe in ghosts in particular. Some experiences can’t help but you don’t believe it. And those who are officials in our temple have gone the most. Well, don’t talk nonsense, Now talk about the experience.

The villages in our mountainous area are not connected, that is, there is a distance between each village.

And there is three miles from my village to another village called Peckeng. There are rice fields and small hills on both sides of the road, and those small hills usually have graves.

This happened probably in 1983, when the whole country flooded, and there were many beggars on our side.

One afternoon a couple begged in our village to beg, and after we were pleased, we went to the place called peck pit, and the two of them were scared halfway through. The fart came back and ran back. My uncle, who was pale on the side of the road, said that they had a white humanoid thing on the road that could not see their head. The road was blocked, and the longer the higher. The two of them never saw it, so they turned around and ran away when they were scared. Fortunately, the thing didn’t catch up. The two of them were almost spread to the ground, and then they took a long rest before leaving.

We call this Dongbai Baisha King there, and there is also the black Hesha King. In local legends, it is generally okay to meet the King of White Sha, but if you meet the King of Black Sha, it will be more fierce, and it will kill you.

And the people near Baisha also met once, and they were scared to death, but I haven’t heard of them in the past ten years.