That night, I dreamed of Uncle. It’s just a little different, with thick eyebrows and sharp angles on his face. But don’t feel fierce. In fact, Uncle’s character is very kind, and his eyebrows are not thick, and his face is square but not angular. It has been a few years since Uncle passed away.

Uncle died unfortunately. It is said that after dinner, I took my cousin’s son, who was five or six years old, to go out of the village on a bicycle. In the countryside at night, I often couldn’t reach my fingers, and suddenly drove over a motorcycle, which was hitting my uncle’s bicycle. Uncle couldn’t do it at that time. Fortunately, his cousin’s son only had a scalp torn, nothing else. The motorcyclist was their same village, and had just had a drink. I am very sorry for the uncle, he was only in his fifties when he died! And it was in the countryside, not as dangerous as the city. Uncle was hit by a motorcycle! Heavenless!

After about ten days, I dreamed about my grandmother again. Grandma was the closest person in my childhood, a very capable and clean old lady in the country. I can’t remember the specific scene in the dream. It seems that there are many vegetables on the shelf. The grandmother picked it up and seemed to give it to me. I didn’t want it, because I don’t lack these in big cities.

My grandmother died before her uncle, for many years. Grandma lives 70 or 80 years old. I remember when I was very young, my grandmother had teased me and said, “It doesn’t matter if you hurt you anymore. When your grandmother gets old, I can’t count on you.” At that time, I should have decided to take care of my grandmother in the future. But the facts made my grandmother unfortunately say that when I was an adult, I lived in Beijing for a long time, and I dragged my family around to make a living. I had no time to visit my grandmother who was sick in bed in my hometown, let alone take care of her elderly home.

Even when my grandmother passed away, I never went back to take a look. I got the news from my mother. My mother comforted me and said, “You are too busy in Beijing, so I didn’t notify you to come back.” Knowing that my mother is thinking for me, if the grandmother knew something underground, would she forgive me? It’s just that all these mistakes have become a permanent regret in my heart and can no longer be compensated.

I called my mother in Henan the other day and told me about my grandmother and uncle’s recent dream. My mother smiled shallowly. She might be pleased that I still remember my grandmother and uncle. I said, “Is Ching Ming Festival coming soon?” My mother said, “Yeah, I will burn some paper for them when it is Ching Ming Festival.”

There are many rains on Ching Ming Festival, on the way Pedestrians want to break their souls. The Qingming Festival is a memorial service to the relatives who have passed away. We cannot say that this is a feudal superstition, but a way for living people to express their emotions to their loved ones who have passed away. Qingming is imminent. I can’t go back to my hometown to mourn my grandmother and uncle. I can only write the text above to express my sadness.

May our dead relatives rest in paradise!