Every year, the earth altar will hold large book fairs in the spring and autumn seasons, gathering major publishing houses and book companies in Beijing and even the whole country, and selling books together. New books can generally be discounted by 20% or 10%, and old books can be discounted by 20% or even 30%. Therefore, it can always attract many book fans to buy Taobao. It is common for writers to sign and sell books at the Ditan Book Market. Many famous and non-famous writers of true and false best-selling books often appear in the Ditan Book Market to add a bright color to the book market.

In the spring, I launched a new book, “Stone Buddha Town”. At the contract of the publisher, I pretended to sell the book as a famous best-selling author at the book fair this fall. Unexpectedly, there were quite a lot of readers who bought the first and second parts of “Shifo Town” in the book market. The readers who lined up for signatures were like a small long dragon. I was too busy to be happy, and the signatures were soft.

Until more than four o’clock in the afternoon, I was finally able to take a breather and rest. I was preparing to take a leave home to take a good night’s sleep in hot water and walk out of the crowd wearing a red trench coat ‘S thin, tall girl holding my two “Stone Buddha Town” in her hand. She smiled and came to the front of my signing table: “Teacher Yi, I am your hardcore book fan, please sign me a word.”

Because there weren’t many readers lining up to sign at this time, I was able to have more time to look at this girl in a red trench coat, shawl, long hair, white face, willow-like curved eyebrows, and a pair of big eyes smart and gentle. It’s a great honour to have such a pretty female fan of books, even if the codewords are hard and tired. I smartly signed my name.

“Teacher Yi, can you take a picture with you?!” The girl in the red trench coat has bright eyes and red lips.

Of course I can’t refuse. I hurriedly got up, and the girl in the red trench coat stood beside me.

At this time, Evening News reporter Xiao Bai was not far away. When he saw the wonderful scene of the writer beauty on my side, he would not let it go, jumped over and raised his camera to shoot One.

The girl in the red trench coat thanked me again and turned around and disappeared into the crowd.

Looking at the girl’s back, Xiao Bai said with a smile: “Your teacher, you are still very female readers, just now that girl, the standard cover girl.”
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I’m proud, but it can’t be expressed on my face: “Little white, young people should learn well, don’t always stare at other people’s beautiful faces!”

Evening News reporter Xiao Bai has a thick skin, hehe smiled and smiled: “Teacher Yi, I will wash this picture out, enlarge it by 12 inches and send it to you, your wife will not break the vinegar bottle?”

I was only joking about Xiaobai at this time, and didn’t care about it. Going home in the evening, having dinner and watching the news for a while, I suddenly received a call from Xiaobai, and he wasn’t panicked when he heard the tone: “Teacher Yi, do you remember taking a photo with the girl in the red trench coat this afternoon?”

Of course I remember, calmly asked: “What’s wrong?”