My father has a list of my eight birthdays, which says that my life is good. There will be nobles to help me in my life. I will eat free meals all my life and have no worry about food and clothing; I will have gold in my left hand and silver in my right hand.
   There is no sign of becoming rich and powerful. As I grow older, I am a little bit anxious.
   Hang up a call to my dad: Dad, is your eight-character list exactly right? Your worries about food and clothing, what does it mean to eat free meals all your life?
   means you don’t work under the sun all your life , Go to work in a wicker chair! You are not already in a high-end office building now, there is heating in winter and air conditioning in summer, and you have to go to work!
  Oh my god, why are your demands so low, Dad, I still hope that one day I will be able to return to my hometown and return to my hometown! I shouted at the phone and my dad.
   What is your concept of “gold in your left hand and silver in your right hand”, and when will I be rich and expensive? I asked wryly.
  Dad answered what he asked: peace is a blessing, health is the most expensive, and you will be content and happy!
  No way. In today’s materialistic world, I became rich overnight, and my dreams abound. I am still indifferent. That’s really a nerd! I can’t sit still. I have to go out and find a noble person. Help me carp jump the dragon gate one day, and run to a well-being overnight. Fortunately, fortunately, this girl will have luck as soon as she walks!
  Turn over the desk calendar, tomorrow’s good things, the highest luck index. I secretly bet: go out tomorrow morning, get off the elevator, turn left through the lobby, the first person I meet must be the noble person I am looking for.
   Early the next morning, I rejuvenated the door, got off the elevator, turned left through the lobby, and saw my “noble” sitting quietly on a tricycle looking at a newspaper.
   I haven’t been in a trance yet, and I heard the “nobles” yelling in my ears: Sister, do you have scraps and old newspapers in your family?
   I gave him a fierce look. No, I have to go home and come back again. How can the nobles show up easily, I have to give myself three chances! I was about to pull my legs away and thought that there was a pile of newspapers in my house to sort out, and I raised my hand without looking back , Go, go upstairs with me!
   The guy followed me upstairs in two steps.
  Looking at the jerky tension of his bandaged newspapers and magazines, I started to look at him: a young guy with a beautiful eyebrow and a beautiful eye, who should be a student, how do you do this?
  I haven’t waited for me to ask, the young man said: Big sister Sorry to keep you waiting for a long time. My mom is sick today. I came to her for a few days. I packed for the first time, I have no experience, hehe…
  You just graduated? I asked casually while helping to sort it out.
  Well, I graduated this year and I majored in civil engineering, and I did not respond to dozens of resumes; now it is really difficult to find a job, especially in your special zone, where the competition is even greater, and I can’t do it for another month. I was about to go back to my hometown to find a job. I had to support my family and let my parents live a good life.
   ListenedThese words made me feel warm. This young man is very sunny, diligent, hardworking, and honest. I took a business card from my bag and handed it to him: You brought your resume to my company on Monday to find me.
   The guy took the gold business card of the human resource manager of my real estate company and said excitedly: My mother said, I will have noble help in this life, but I didn’t expect that noble is you!
   I am your noble! I Can’t cry or laugh: It turns out that you are also looking for a noble person!