“Yes, I am a thief.” The old man said sadly, “But I have only stolen once in my life. It was the most peculiar pickpocket. I stole a wallet full of money.”
   “It’s nothing strange “.” I interrupted him.
   “Let me go on. When I opened the stolen wallet and put it in my pocket, my money didn’t increase by one.”
   “That wallet is empty?”
   “On the contrary, it was filled with banknotes.”
   This aroused my curiosity, so I filled him with a full glass of wine. He began to tell his own experience: “At that time, I took a train from Smina to Susal, which was an area where robbers often infested. I was sitting in a third-class carriage, and there was only one other than me in the carriage. The ragged, sleeping man has a visible scar on his left cheek. From appearance to clothing, this guy looks like a criminal. I want to change a car, but there is no connecting door between the cars. So, I I had to stand alone with this dangerous guy for 3 hours. The train drove in the wilderness where there was no village in front and no shops behind. There were few passengers on the car. In this environment, if you want to kill a person, Then throwing the corpse out of the car window was a trivial matter.”
  The old man took a sip and continued, “The sky outside is getting dark, and I stare at the siren in the car. However, I took a nap in a little while. When I opened my eyes dimly, I could not help but scream. The strange travel companion was standing in front of me, staring at me with his sharp eyes , The shaggy beard has touched my cheek. I jumped up in a fright, trying to pull the siren. But the man grabbed me and said:’You don’t need to be afraid, I’m just asking you to allow me to sit beside you , Use your blanket to cover my body, I feel very cold.’Listening to him sincerely, I finally relieved and moved my body apologetically, let him sit next to me.”
“‘Yes,’ the man said,’how much I like to be a thief! My whole personality, education and growing environment are destined to be particularly suitable for this profession. But…I can’t steal. ”’
   “‘What prevents you from stealing?” I asked curiously. “
   “With such a look, how can I steal? No matter where I go, everyone beware Me, if it happened that the things in the vicinity happened to be stolen, needless to say, the first suspected object was me.”‘
  ”I looked at his thief-like face, and a ghost flashed in my mind Idea: If I try to steal the wallet of this unlucky man, it would be a wonderful prank! So I quietly reached out my hand quietly, God bless! After a few minutes, the thief drummed The drum purse was put into my pocket on the right. After a while, the train stopped, and my travel companion saved me from the hassle of changing the train. He stood up and said to me:’I’m homeThank you, and I wish you a pleasant trip!’”
   “I waited for him to get out of the car and hurriedly took out the stolen wallet from his pocket. When I saw the wallet, I was stunned: I was holding my own wallet. The guy stole my wallet without knowing it while I was listening to his complaint. Fortunately, while he was not paying attention, I stole it back. ”
   “This is the only act of stealing in my life.” My wallet was stolen, but my money did not increase by one point. You see it, I didn’t lie to you. ”
  After the old man told the story, I attached a few words of politeness, stood up and paid generously, turned around and left. I did this for a reason: after he told me about his theft At that time, I have used my well-trained dexterous fingers to carry his wallet over and put it in his pocket. I am anxious to know how much money is in that wallet.
   I believe what the old man said That kind of coincidence will never be repeated this time. I will definitely not take out my wallet from my pocket, because I never carry a wallet with me. Turning around a street corner, I reached into my pocket. God !Nothing in it! This old guy is too ghost! He stole his wallet back for the second time.
   Second time? Who knows how many times he stole himself?