A young man drove to a car gas station in Israel. After the gas tank was full, he paid the bill, bought a bottle of soft drink, and stood outside the car door and drank. At this time, he saw two people working by the road: after one person dug a pit to a depth of two or three feet, he went on to dig another pit; the other followed him, and took the dug one. The pit was filled with soil again. In this way, one person digs pits one by one in front, and the other person fills pits one by one at the back about 25 feet apart.
   At this time, the two men walked straight past the young man and continued to work along the roadside. “It’s unbearable!” the lad said secretly. He finished the rest of the drink in one breath, and threw the Coke bottle into the recycling bin, then walked towards the two.
   “Stop, stop!” he shouted to the two, “What the hell are you doing here?”
   “Hey, we are planting trees for the country!” Replied.
   “But you dig a pit, and another person fills it in again. Are you doing useless work! Are you wasting the country’s money?”
   “Sir, you don’t know,” The man said while leaning on the shovel, wiping the sweat on his forehead. “We usually have three people, me, Jacob, and Moses. I’m in charge of digging holes. Jacob is in charge of supporting trees, and Moses is in charge. Bury back the dug soil. Now, Jacob is sick. But he is sick, and Moses and I will not work anymore!”