On July 9, the World Artificial Intelligence Conference was officially held in Shanghai. During this year’s conference, the Chinese team will publish the paper “New Generation of Artificial Intelligence in China” (“AI in China”) for the first time in the “Nature” sub-Journal.

This is the first time that Chinese scientists have published a panoramic review of the development of Chinese AI in top international academic journals. The publication of the paper is a reflection of the global importance and influence of the development achievements of China’s artificial intelligence industry, and also highlights Shanghai’s strength as a global artificial intelligence highland.

Recently, with the story before and after the writing of the paper, the characteristics of the development of artificial intelligence in China, and the training of Chinese AI talent, etc., the surging news (www.thepaper.cn) Interviewed Zhu Mingjie, co-first author of the paper, executive director of the AI ​​Young Scientists Alliance, and CEO of Krypton Technology.

Zhu Mingjie

This thesis was led by the Alliance of Young Scientists, Wutonghui As the corresponding author, Pan Yunhe, chairman of the Academic Committee of the Alliance and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 12 leading scholars and leading domestic scholars from Zhejiang University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Tsinghua University, Nanjing University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, China University of Science and Technology Founders and leaders of AI R&D of leading AI companies in various fields such as Krypton Technology, ByteDance, Momenta, Meituan Dianping, etc. co-authored and published on Nature Machine Intelligence. The paper is titled “Towards a new generation of artificial intelligence in China”.

Assemble the top AI power to complete the Chinese AI panoramic paper

“This article is a panoramic paper, basically the most powerful AI in China People in the year of fighting, gathered their strength for the first time and posted an articleChina’s AI status and planning. It also includes the government and various forces. You will find from the author column that this paper is from the top domestic schools and the top AI companies in China. “Zhu Mingjie said.

In this paper, these domestic leading companies and famous scholars in the field of artificial intelligence briefly introduced the development plan of China’s new generation of artificial intelligence (2015- 2030), the author is an artificial intelligence expert in academia and industry participating in various stages of planning. The Chinese artificial intelligence development plan proposes a set of strategies for the development of science, technology and education to meet future challenges, including retaining artificial intelligence talents 、Promote basic research on artificial intelligence and formulate ethical standards related to artificial intelligence, etc.

According to Zhu Mingjie, it took more than a year before and after the paper, from 4, 5 last year Planning began in the month, and each author represented his own field. As the co-first author, Zhu Mingjie said that he coordinated and revised many times before and after the publication of the paper. He lamented in the interview that this article can be sent It’s not easy to come out.

After the paper was published, Zhu Mingjie said that he was also very emotional. “We are doing these things, the massive data generated, to maintain these data, These are all leading in the world. The number of users in China is so huge, and our research is still very representative. ”

There are two characteristics of the development of artificial intelligence in China

In the paper, researchers believe that artificial intelligence has the potential to enhance each technology; from this In a sense, it is similar to “enable” technologies such as internal combustion engines or electricity.

Compared with the development of artificial intelligence abroad, Zhu Mingjie believes that the development of artificial intelligence in China has two characteristics.

First of all, talents grow very fast. Starting from his own experience, Zhu Mingjie, represented by the AI ​​youth of his generation, has been trained by domestic universities, and has generally done enough study abroad before returning to China to start a business or do academic research, which has grown rapidly in the past 20 years.

Another feature is: China’s AI application scenarios are very wide. “Why China can make Douyin immediately becomes the strongest product in the world. Because it is produced by the largest hinterland market in China. Products made in such an environment must be more competitive.” Zhu Mingjie said . At the same time, the giantThe large application market also brings massive amounts of data, which has become a huge advantage that AI companies can play.

AI will embrace the industry in order

In the thesis, the researcher expounded the AI ​​in daily consumption, finance, autonomous driving, medical and other industries Development, Chinese AI occupies an international leading position in industrial applications.

Zhu Mingjie told Peng Mei News that in the future, artificial intelligence will definitely embrace all walks of life. But the speed and order of embracing AI in different industries will be different. There are three main factors that affect speed and order.

First, the industry must have real pain points, and the pain points must be changed.

Second, the industry’s infrastructure is relatively complete. In other words, the industry has reached a certain level of digitalization and intelligence. In this way, when artificial intelligence enters this industry, it already has data that can be collected, available sensors and intelligent robots.

Third, the business rules of this industry are healthy, and already have good payment habits, so that companies can be profitable. Consider the financial industry that Krypton Technology has entered. In the development of artificial intelligence + finance in the past few years, there have been many applications, such as: risk control, anti-money laundering, credit, etc.

Zhu Mingjie said: “The financial industry is one of the earliest electronic industries, as well as an industry that established databases earlier, and the business rules are relatively healthy. In this industry, you People are willing to pay for providing valuable services and products.”

Artificial intelligence can solve the pain points of the industry, and this industry can form a healthy business model before it can be born. Competitive enterprise.