atic/pdf/web/viewer.html? 2B0800%20(CST)” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>Crawray data statistics, the number of Chinese MCN institutions has exceeded 20,000 in 2019, while 2018 The number for this year is about 5000. Ai Media Consulting data shows that The number of Chinese MCN institutions is expected to reach 28,000 in 2020.

Xiaohulu, a big data platform company specializing in corporate celebrity services, cooperates with MCN institutions, and Xiaohulu CEO Cao Jin said in an interview with Hu Sniff, “This year whether it is an A-share listed company or VC, PE, In fact, they are all looking for some targets in the direction of MCN. Because MCN institutions are relatively large, and a small number of institutions can achieve good profits, this has become the target of listed companies and capital to invest.”

Furthermore, it is no longer just the headline celebrities or content producers that entered the MCN industry. Cao Jin analyzed, “People, videos, and commodities are all content, including the enterprise itself. We see that those who enter the MCN organization, in addition to the traditional live broadcast and short video operators, also include Taobao today. Merchants, even some traditional enterprises, such as foreign trade, jewelry and jewelry, film and television entertainment, etc..”

Many traditional media such as radio and television systems were transformed into MCN companies after being impacted by the new media industry. For example, Jiangsu Satellite TV, in cooperation with Kuaishou, is planning to integrate media. Senior Vice President of Kuaishou Yu Haibo said With the cooperation of Lixing Media, a subsidiary of Jiangsu Radio and Television, and Kuaishou, the two parties will build a short video distribution matrix to catalyze the integration and upgrade of MCN.

big-title”>Then MCN that can bring goods, is it sustainable?

As “Live TV e-commerce anchor GMV May monthly list TOP50”The report disclosed that the national live broadcast e-commerce anchor TOP50, May GMV (transaction sales) announced that the total amount is about 12.3 billion yuan, but the actual Sales are only about 130 million yuan. A 100-fold difference in sales is only part of the data falsification. In fact, every data can be filled with water.

Xiaohulu CEO Cao Jin said frankly, users do not necessarily watch short live videos of Reds, and the number of Reds fans is not equal to the maximum number of live online users(PCU), the users who enter the live broadcast may not always click on the advertisement (CPC), it is not necessarily equal to the actual product sales Volume (CPS)-A marketing funnel comes down, and there are few sales conversions from beautiful data at the content level.

He added that in addition to the fact that the data is piled up by unnecessary bubbles, there are also many gray links in the entire MCN industry, including: Compliance of capital inflows and outflows, lack of supply chain, insufficient product monitoring and customer service Perfect… These are detrimental to the sustainability of online red belt goods.

Top-level internet celebrities are certainly the ones that seem to have the least survival pressure but are developing.

Weiya’s modest culture and Li Jiaqi’s beauty ONE are currently the hottest MCN institutions.

Ai media consulting data shows that we are looking for general fans The number is 0.54 billion, the average monthly flow is 144 million, and the average monthly sales volume is 928.08 million. A total of 46 anchors are under the banner of Qianxun, and the top 20 anchors in the industry occupy a total of 6Not a good track.

But purely rational inference cannot fully guide human behavior in reality.

An industry source pointed out in an interview with Tiger Sniff that many people are reluctant to uncover the true profitability of the MCN industry chain because they also hope that this wave of momentum will allow hot money to come in. At the same time, Because of opacity, poor information will cause every layer of organizations in every industry chain to have oil and water, so everyone is willing to put money in the hot and profitable field.

He believes that everyone is looking for hot spots and following suit, hoping to catch hot spots without making mistakes. No one in the game wants this bubble to burst. If it can continue to create capital value, everyone wants this bubble to grow bigger.