To ask how my career came to this stage, I am full of question marks myself. I feel like in the dark night, I searched the road with the searchlight, there are many stumbling trips along the way, and I am not going well. Even though I am now considered a senior writer by some people, in my eyes, I am nothing.

The reader probably doesn’t know that my initial job was an internship at an embassy, ​​which is nothing like a professional writer. When I became an editorial assistant, I might be a little closer to the work of writing, but it is still out of reach, because the assistant is often responsible for administrative work. I hate administrative work very much, this became the last straw of my resignation. In the end, I changed three professions and spent three years to determine that I wanted to become a professional writer.

In my recent work, I am doing some cool things, such as writing e-books. No one taught me how to operate, these skills are accumulated in my previous work. Regarding the accumulation of skills, I felt that my work at that time was like living in the abyss without seeing the sun, but still keeping my head breathing on the water to keep myself awake, but now I found that I actually learned a lot at that time.

So, it doesn’t matter if you are not sure what you are doing. Everyone will have similar anxiety and anxiety in their careers. It is important that we continue to search until we find the final answer.

From this perspective, those who seem to be successful do not win everything easily. In addition to their hard work, they will inevitably experience similar confusion, except that they finally found a career plan.

Written at the end

Everyone will feel fear when they graduate from college and step into the workplace, so you are not alone.

Be confident in your future, even if you don’t have confidence now, pretend to be confident.

Many things, when you firmly believe that it exists, it will eventually exist.

I hope my experience will be helpful to you who are new to the workplace.

Translator: Michiko