This application is also hard work. Hu Xiaodie came out of Huaxin Company and felt as if he was cramped, and his body was sore and weak. She couldn’t see a flower bed in the distance, so she turned out a newspaper from her bag, put it on the stone edge of the flower bed, and sat down to rest.

Looking around when no one is around, she raises her hand, puts her finger into her mouth, and with a light bite, the blood on her finger flows into her mouth. She sucked in two greedily, and her complexion gradually improved.

At this time, a handsome man ran out of the door of Huaxin Company, and when she saw her, she shouted eagerly: “Hu Xiaodie, wait a minute!” She remembered that the man was the manager of the human resources department of Huaxin Company, and the examiner of this recruitment, Feng Yinan. Feng Yinan ran up to her and said with a smile: “Fortunately you haven’t gone far. I want to talk to you.”

Hu Xiaodie smiled charmingly. She knew how charming her smile was and how evil she smiled. Seeing her smile, Feng Yinan froze for a while, and his eyes were also mixed, then pretended to be a serious look and said: “Although you are not suitable for the position you are recruiting for, I think you should stay in our company. I Would you like to ask your opinion to see if you would like to work in another department?”

Hu Xiaodie said neither willing nor unwilling, Just said: “Then I will listen to you.” This sentence immediately brought the two people closer. As she expected, Feng Yinan asked her to have a meal so that she could continue to discuss it. Hu Xiaodie readily agreed.

The meal was very comfortable and comfortable. Both of them drank a lot of wine.

When going out, Hu Xiaodie was staggering, and Feng Yinan was busy supporting her, worrying that she would be in danger when going home alone, and offered to send her back. Hu Xiaodie readily agreed. It was only when she arrived at her house that she lived alone. His courage grew. First hugged her, and then kissed her down.

Hu Xiaodie walked away from him halfway through. www.guidaye.com

His tongue protruded into Hu Xiaodie’s cherry mouth, and he felt a sudden cold, and he was taken aback in his heart. The sharp teeth bit down. He wanted to call, but his mouth was blocked, and he wanted to withdraw, but was bitten by Hu Xiaodie. He wanted to push her away, but she didn’t know where she came from so hard, he hugged him tightly in her arms, and her two thin arms were as hard as steel bars.

He slowly lost his strength.

Feng Yinan fell down stupidly, and the last thing he saw was that Hu Xiaodie put him down on the ground, pulled his tongue, pointed it at the wound, and sucked desperately. But at this time, he can’t feel the pain anymore…