In the endless darkness, Yu Yue woke up again from his sleep.

After a long time, she slowly fell in love with her eyes and slept quietly.

She has an illusion that dreams and reality are intertwined. She seemed to be real in her sleep, but after waking up, she didn’t know what she had dreamed of?

Yu Yue is a college student. After school, he will dig into the school library and read the latest horror novels. Sometimes eating is not as important as the novel. It was dark, and then returned to the dorm alone from a tree-lined path beside the library, telling the roommates the horror story she saw today.

Another day, Yu Yue, as usual, arrived at the tree-lined path after reading the horror story. It was also very cold that night. It was dark and the trees on both sides of the road There seemed to be a hint of terror. Suddenly, a trace of urine broke the silence, and Yu Yue flew to the women’s toilet, found a pit, and was refreshed. She found that the place was exceptionally gloomy, and the walls were almost crooked. In the dark night, she seemed like an ant on the ground, very small…

She suddenly felt The back was very cool, and something like water droplets flowed on his back. She looked up. Someone on the top looked closely, and scared him to sit on the ground. Where is a living person, clearly a female corpse that just hanged, dark red blood still flowing outward.

After a long time, she reacted and ran back to the dormitory like crazy.

“Open the door quickly, open the door quickly…It’s me, Yu Yue.” Yu Yue gasped, knocking hard on the door of the dormitory.

“Come on, don’t shout” Xiaolan in the room put down the laptop and opened the door.

“Toilet, toilet, dead…” Yu Yue’s breath has not been adjusted, and the feeling of fear is still coming to Yue once in a while.

“What’s the matter? Don’t worry, speak slowly.” Xiao Lan said calmly.

“Just now I suddenly wanted to go to the toilet. I suddenly felt that there was water droplets on my back. When I wanted to watch it, I saw a female corpse that had just been hanged. I am.” Yu Yue was still very nervous.

“Did you see who it is?” Xiao Lan asked.

“No, I was so scared, how could I see her face, I am not so bold.” Yu Yue’s heart was a little calmer.

“Don’t be afraid, don’t you all come back!” Xiao Lan’s tone was kind.