This story starts with a very famous fortune teller, who is very fortune telling, so many elderly people like to call him fortune telling. There is an old grandfather, he is the old accountant of a grandfather’s department, he is the best Despise those fortune tellers who don’t count themselves and don’t count their families.

At that time, he went out to exercise every day before dawn. One morning, when he came back from the park and entered the compound, he saw a child pulling him by the door of his vegetable garden. He was very angry, so he called the child, who knew that the child didn’t even return his head, he was more angry, and walked over and pushed the child away.

He went back and told him about it, and her wife was okay at the time. He came to our yard at noon to tell his fortune, and he said beside him Don’t believe the blind man, and then the blind man went to him and said to him three times in a row, be careful, be careful, be careful, he didn’t care about it.

After that day, if you know, He started to get sick. It turned out to be a tough old man. He suddenly fell ill and couldn’t look good. Her wife was sad. later remembered the one he said he saw that morning. The child told this to the blind man, and told the blind man to count, and the blind man said a word, saw the old ghost a sickness, and saw the little ghost a life.

Then the old man really passed away within a few days.