A guy has a voyeurism. After work that day, his wife sent him to the market to buy fish. When he passed a building, he glanced at it casually, and he was suddenly excited: the curtains of a family on the first floor were not fully closed, and a young couple was hugging Together…
   He looked around: No one, leaned against the wall, took out a small mirror, this is his “professional tool” for peeping, and after choosing the right angle, he looked excitedly. It’s just that the two people are only limited to chatting and kissing, and there is no “visibility” content, which makes him anxious and scratches his head, anxious for the man.
   At this time, the phone rang, which surprised him. The wife on the phone scolded: “Are you full enough? Don’t be embarrassing outside, hurry and roll back to me. Tonight you kneel and wash the clothesboard for me.”
  He just remembered the thing about buying fish, But his wife told him to go back immediately, and he had to hurry home. As soon as he opened the door, he had a feather duster on his head, and then the second, the third… He yelled in pain and asked in grievance, “What are you doing? You are anxious to call me back just to beat me Ah?” The wife akimbo her hands and glared: “Honestly, what did you do just now?”
   “Meet a buddy and talk a little more.”
  The wife grabbed his ear, He took him to the computer and clicked on a video from a local forum. God, his peeping pictures of others appeared on the computer screen. On the screen, his ugliness came alive. The video should have been taken from the building opposite and then posted online.
   He did not expect that while he was peeping at others, others were peeping at him. At night, his wife became more and more angry, put away the washboard, asked him to kneel on the keyboard, and stipulated that no words should appear on the computer. He had to follow suit. The next day, when colleagues saw him, they smiled and said, “You guys are good, kneel out and kneel out of technical content!”
  He is a monk who is puzzled. A colleague turned on the computer and clicked on a video. He was dizzy: I don’t know which provocative ghost secretly took a video of his kneeling keyboard… After reading it, he angrily called his wife: “Why are you so careless? I will be fined later. Remember to close the curtains, you forgot that our family lives on the first floor?”