That afternoon, I went to discuss business with Manager Huang. The negotiation was very smooth. After signing the contract, I had a good time with the client.
  After the banquet was over, manager Huang and I came to the parking lot. When I saw Manager Huang walking a little unsteadily, I asked him if he could. If not, he simply took a taxi. Who knows that Manager Huang is not happy when he hears this, and twisted his face and said to me, “What’s okay? Absolutely! My physique has no problem drinking alcohol. A 45-degree wine doesn’t taste like mineral water ⋯⋯”
  I saw Manager Huang saying so surely, and he got on the car with him. Unluckily, the traffic police stopped at the intersection. This is bad! I’m worried about Manager Huang. I didn’t expect him to open the car door and get out of the car.
   I got off the bus and stopped him, but he pulled me aside. I know he has many friends, and I thought maybe the policeman was his buddy, so I stopped.
   Manager Huang walked in front of the police, before the police spoke, he came to stand upright, then raised his eyebrow with his right hand as a salute, and then shouted to the police: “Sorry! Please show your driver’s license…” ⋯”