The bank’s eight windows only opened two. At least a dozen people were queuing in each window, and the two long chairs were full. There is only one entrance to the Treasury. I stopped by the door and no one could run away.
   I unzipped the jacket to reveal a metal block wrapped around my waist, held the mobile phone in my right hand, and connected the mobile phone to the waist: “Robbery! Everyone gave me a lie down, I have a powerful bomb here, who dares Chaos, as soon as I press the button, everyone is done!”
  Citizens who have been trained by police gangsters immediately gave great cooperation, “Wow”, all lying down, although there is a big man wearing a gray jacket The man seemed a little reluctant, but was quickly pulled down by an old lady beside him.
   “You guys,” I pointed to the staff in the window, “I will put the money in a sack immediately!”
   “We don’t have a sack ⋯⋯” said a girl tremblingly. “Nonsense, go find it, hurry up!”
  The whistle of sirens came from my ears, and dozens of police cars surrounded the bank. The riot police lined up in an arc, and a large number of police blocked the nearby road and began to evacuate the citizens. A police officer shouted at me with a megaphone and let me release the hostage immediately.
  A middle-aged man in casual clothes raised his hands high, walked toward the glass door, and said, “Sir, please calm down, let’s talk about it, I can listen to your terms, okay?” I guess, This is the so-called negotiation expert. The negotiating expert entered the door with a smile, a calm and calm expression, and the nerves that made me highly nervous suddenly relaxed. I immediately threw away my phone and raised my hands to the door.
  The negotiating expert was obviously surprised, and he froze for a while before following me on the street.
   As soon as I stepped on the sidewalk, I was turned over, my hands were cut back, handcuffed, the metal block wrapped around my waist was removed by the police, and the fully equipped bomb demolition expert posed a pair of high technology in front of the metal block I was amused by the posture: “Don’t be busy, this thing is called a magnetic therapy instrument, which is used to treat low back pain.” I lowered my voice to the negotiating expert, “There is my colleague in the hall hostage… a gray jacket. Big man.”
  My “companion” was quickly captured, and when he was escorted past me, he gave me a vicious look. Of course he is not my associate. I saw him for the first time today, but before that, I have deeply penetrated his face from the public security network. Just now, I did the deposit business in the savings office, and just took a photo with him when I went out. I will not admit that he has turned this evil face into gray.
  Zhou Dajin, a Class-A wanted criminal from the Ministry of Public Security, has been wandering in five southern provinces since August 2004. He specializes in climbing windows at night to enter residential houses to commit crimes of murder, rape and robbery.
  The first time I recognized Zhou Dajin, I thought about the police, but I really can’t believe the efficiency of the police. It is estimated that after the police verify and confirm my personal identity, I must judge the motive and truthfulness of my report after I locate it. ⋯⋯ What can make the police dispatch the first time, only what is happeningMajor case. So, I started this very bank robbery.
One of the innocent people maimed by Zhou Dajin is my wife.